Ackley Bridge season 4 ending

What happened in the last series?

What happened in the last series?

If you need a reminder on the season 4 ending of Ackley Bridge, then you’re in luck!

Season 5 returns this Monday July 11 at 10pm with back-to-back episodes all week.

And it looks set to be another cracking series – this time post-watershed.

Here’s your summary of the Ackley Bridge season 4 ending.

Fizza and Kayla finally reunited after their love triangle over Johnny (Credit: Channel 4)

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What was the Ackley Bridge season 4 ending?

The final episode of season 4 of Ackley Bridge brought the love triangle between Fizza, Kayla and Johnny to a head.

Finally ready to reconcile their friendship, Fizza approached best friend Kayla to make up once and for all.

Of course, viewers had seen them split over their shared romance with Johnny.

Apologising and sharing an embrace, the best friends were finally reunited.

And Kayla definitely needed that hug, having come to terms with the fact that her love interest was marrying someone else.

Johnny, a member of the Romany Gypsy community, proposed to his childhood friend, Rose.

The big day was on the horizon with the school helping him celebrate with a themed party.

Kayla was paired with her former lover in science class, giving her a chance to try and reconnect with him.

Insisting their romance was water under the bridge, Kayla and Johnny seemed to be parting ways for good.

Johnny apologised for hurting her and thanked her for being understanding.

Did Johnny and Rose get married?

Before his wedding, Johnny shared a conversation with an old friend about his future.

It seemed he was getting cold feet about his decision to marry Rose, who he agreed to marry to appease his grandad.

He had a vision of his grandad during his pre-wedding party and he was definitely holding on to old memories.

The time finally arrived with many guests from Ackley Bridge, including Kayla and Fizza in attendance at the church wedding.

Things took a turn (perhaps luckily for Johnny!) when an old flame of Rose, Liam, interrupted the wedding to declare that Rose should not marry Johnny.

Johnny took his chance to admit that he really loved Kayla in a heartfelt speech.

When it seemed like it was all about to kick off, Fizza, Kayla and Johnny fled from the church.

Fizza gave Kayla and Johnny her blessing before watching them escape on a bus.

Johnny (Ryan Dean) and Kayla (Robyn Cara) in Ackley Bridge Season 5
Kayla and Johnny are reunited in season 5 of Ackley Bridge (Credit: Channel 4)

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Ackley Bridge season 4 ending: What happened with Kaneez and Tahir?

The series ended with an emotional moment between Kaneez, played by Sunetra Sarker, and her nephew Tahir.

He had finally come to terms with what happened to his mother and he was able to say goodbye to her at last.

What will happen in Season 5?

Season 5 picks up with the main trio of season 4 – Johnny, Kayla and Fizza – as they take on the second half of the school year.

Season 5 throws new challenges at the kids…

Fizza balances the pressure of school while dealing with her father’s deteriorating mental health.

Marina starts using an adult content-sharing platform to earn some quick cash, and Kayla and Johnny are preparing to ‘do it’.

However, the couple are landed a devastating blow just when it seems things might work out…

Kayla’s Mum Jules reveals she has a new job and that they’re moving to Glasgow.

But it’s not over until the last school bell rings, and there’s still plenty of time before the sun breaks on the summer holidays…

The season also introduces some new characters to shake up everything at the school, including Benidorm’s Laila Zaidi as new teacher Asma.

Queenie (JASMINE PAYNE), Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi), Kayla Afzal (Robyn Cara), Johnny (Ryan Dean)
Students at Ackley Bridge in season 5 of the show (Credit: Channel 4)

When does Season 5 of Ackley Bridge start?

The first episode starts off at 10pm, Monday July 11, on Channel 4.

Ackley Bridge will then air back-to-back episodes every night this week, from Monday to Friday.

The final two episodes of season 5 air on Friday July 16 2022 at the later time of 11:05 pm.

If you can’t make those times, all episodes will be available on the Channel 4 streaming service All4 after airing.

How can I watch season 4 of Ackley Bridge?

Season 4 of Ackley Bridge is still available to watch on All 4, the demand channel from Channel 4.

In fact, all previous series of Ackley Bridge are on the catch up site.

All episodes of season 5 are already on there, too.

Ackley Bridge returns to Channel 4 on Monday July 11 at 10pm and 10.30pm, airing every night this week.

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