where is the Channel 4 show filmed?

where is the Channel 4 show filmed?

where is the Channel 4 show filmed?

Ackley Bridge has returned to Channel with with season 5 and – while we know that the series is set in the fictional Yorkshire location of the same name, where is it actually filmed?

Filming locations for Ackley Bridge

Well, there’s some authenticity as the show is filmed where it is set, in Yorkshire!

This fifth season mainly films in and around Halifax.

Various sites across West Yorkshire were used, such as Square Chapel Arts Centre.

Other Halifax locations include Westgate Arcade in the town centre and in Halifax Borough Market.

Past filming locations have been in Leeds, Hebden Bridge, and Calderdale.

The fictional Ackley Bridge College is filmed at the former St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield, which closed down back in 2013.

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The cast of Ackley Bridge film in West Yorkshire (Credit: Channel 4)

Is Ackley Bridge based on a true story?

Real events and real-life schools do inspire the show!

The creator finds inspiration in real-life Lancashire and Yorkshire schools established to integrate the White and Asian communities in some of the most divided towns in the country.

The previous four series of Ackley Bridge have all used humour and heartfelt storylines to tackle real-life issues.

What’s it’s like filming Ackley Bridge in Yorkshire?

The show has been filming across Yorkshire since it began in 2018.

Laila Zaidi, who has recently joined the cast this season as new teacher Asma Farooqi says: “I stayed near Halifax whilst filming Ackley Bridge. It is absolutely beautiful.

“It is so picturesque and just the most amazing place to live for three months.”

Sunetra Sarker is an Executive Producer of the show and even has an inside joke with ex-cast members Jo Joyner and Amy Leigh-Hickman when filming in Yorkshire: “There is a shorthand that I have with Amy and Jo where I can just refer to where I am.

“The Moors is especially icy. It’s freezing but it never looks like it onscreen.

“The wind is howling. There are trees falling over.

“Whenever I’m filming Ackley, I’ll send ex-colleagues a little reminder of the terrible weather conditions just to get a bit of sympathy.”

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Conditions can get rough filming on the Moors! (Credit: Channel 4)

Actor Ashley Walters who directs the first five episodes of this season of Ackley Bridge says: “When we were shooting a lot of the stuff on the Moors we were battling some Yorkshire snow and cold weather.

“And actually it’s meant to look like summer.

“Getting through those days, shooting in those freezing cold conditions and getting the day done was amazing for me.

“That was a proud moment and actually being up there and looking over the Moors and seeing the city was amazing.”

Ackley Bridge airs tonight at 10pm and continues back-to-back every night this week.

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