Alice Beer in the queue on This Morning

This Morning star Alice Beer hits back at segment claims

This Morning star Alice Beer hits back at segment claims

This Morning star Alice Beer has hit back at claims that she’s been “replaced” on the show after her “disrespectful” Queen segment earlier this week.

The controversial segment saw Alice interview mourners in the queue and hand out doughnuts to keep people’s spirits up.

The star hosted a segment on the show on Wednesday (Credit: ITV)

Alice Beer on This Morning

During Wednesday’s show, This Morning interviewed people queuing up to see the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall.

Alice was reporting live from the queue and spoke to some of the people lining up.

However, the segment came under fire from some viewers due to its seemingly light-hearted tone.

While she was interviewing people, Alice was also handing out doughnuts to keep their spirits up.

“Can’t believe reporters are at the Buckingham Palace queues laughing, smiling, and shouting about doughnuts as if it were a carnival. Show some respect! #ThisMorning,” one viewer tweeted.

“Jesus wept, you are treating this queue like it’s the opening for the new ride at Alton Towers. Not a good look, have some respect,” another ranted.

“Fair enough if Alice wants to give doughnuts to people in queues but it would be less disrespectful if it wasn’t being televised,” a third said.

Yesterday, however, Isla Traquair interviewed people in the queue.

Alice Beer hosting from the queue on ITV This Morning
Alice hit back at reports she’s been ‘replaced’ (Credit: ITV)

Alice Beer on Instagram

Today, Alice took to Instagram to hit back at claims that she’d been ‘replaced’ on This Morning following the segment.

The 57-year-old posted a screenshot of a news article saying that she’d been replaced following the “disrespectful” segment.

Alice I would have KISSED you for a doughnut.

She also penned a lengthy caption slamming the story.

Alice first hit out at the images of her that had been used on the story.

She wrote: “By the way the queue was cheerful and jolly and just the place for a delicious doughnut, the tears were saved for quiet respectful contemplation and thanks in Westminster Hall,” she added.

“Have a lovely day.”

Alice Beer in the queue on ITV This Morning
Alice Beer was supported by fans following the coverage of her segment (Credit: ITV)

Fans show their support

Plenty of Alice’s 32.4k followers took to the comment section to show their support.

Love you, Alice,” her This Morning co-star Juliet Sear wrote. 

“You have been fabulous all week @thisisalicebee,” another follower said.

“Alice I would have KISSED you for a doughnut,” a third commented.

“We love you. That is all,” another assured the star.

“I watched this and thought it was a lovely gesture and really captured the good spirit of the queue,” a fifth wrote.

“Good grief, you are wonderful Alice,” another said.

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This Morning returns on Tuesday (September 20) at 10am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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