Naga Munchetty, Therese Coffey on BBC Breakfast today

Naga Munchetty divides fans with interview

Naga Munchetty divides fans with interview

On BBC Breakfast today, viewers were left divided over Naga Munchetty‘s behaviour during an ‘unwatchable’ interview on this morning’s show.

The 47-year-old interviewed health secretary Therese Coffey – and not every viewer was impressed.

Naga interviewed Coffey today (Credit: BBC)

What happened on BBC Breakfast today?

During today’s edition of BBC Breakfast, Naga and her co-host, Charlie Stayt, welcomed Therese Coffey onto the show.

The new health secretary is set to outline a plan that will “guarantee” that no one will have to wait longer than two weeks to see their GP.

Coffey was on the show to discuss this, however, the interview was chaotic and full of interruptions from Naga.

The health secretary’s plan has already received criticism from doctors, and it seems as though Naga wasn’t fully convinced by it either.

At one point, Naga interrupted Coffey to ask her where the funding for such a plan was coming from. She asked if there was “spare money” lying around that is going to be used.

Eventually, after many interruptions and difficult questions, Coffey cut the interview short.

Therese Coffey on BBC Breakfast today
Therese cut the interview short (Credit: BBC)

Naga on BBC Breakfast

It’s safe to say that viewers were divided over the interview – and particularly over Naga’s behaviour during it.

Many viewers took to Twitter to call out the 47-year-old – complaining about her interruptions and “dismissive” behaviour.

“@TVNaga01 so chippy, so rude, so dismissive. She’s just awful!! Please let ministers talk and answer!!!” one viewer ranted.

“@BBCBreakfast you know it’s quite hard for your guests to tell you things if you keep interrupting them @TVNaga01,” another said.

@TVNaga01 here we go again! You can’t bear allowing someone you don’t like to finish their answer to a question!” a third ranted.

“It’s always obvious when you dislike someone – can’t wait to butt in!”

“Naga Munchetty and Therese Coffey: ignoring facts given in reply to the loaded questions, to prevent those facts derailing the attack. Interrupting legitimate answers to questions. We pay for this, it is not good enough,” another wrote.

Unwatchable interview with constant interruption. It’s not all about you @TVNaga01,” a fifth sniped.

Naga Munchetty, Therese Coffey on BBC Breakfast today
Naga was praised by some viewers (Credit: BBC)

Viewers praise Naga

However, not all viewers were against Naga this morning.

Some were very impressed by the interview and the way that Naga “dismantled” Therese on national television. Many took to Twitter to praise the journalist.

“Absolutely brilliant interview Naga – you had Therese Coffey stuttering – keep it up,” one viewer tweeted.

Good of Thérèse Coffey to go on #bbcbreakfast and show us she hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about. Naga Munchetty did a great job exposing the nonsense she was saying,” another said. 

“Therese Coffey saying she has to go and speak to other media outlets to get out of being [bleeping] rinsed by Naga Munchetty. The reality is she’s got to spout her [bleep] everywhere else because she’s been exposed,” a third wrote.

“Think it’s fair to say Naga wiped the floor with her,” another said simply.

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