Bloodlands series 2 episode 1

Bloodlands series 2 episode 1

Bloodlands series 2 episode 1

Bloodlands returned to BBC One this Sunday with episode 1 of series 2, and we’re already scrambling for answers.

The return of the James Nesbitt drama introduced us to a new case that threatens to expose DCI Brannick’s secret identity as Goliath.

In series 2, Brannick investigates a new case – the murder of a crooked accountant.

His death will subsequently unravel a trail of greed that threatens to expose Tom’s life of lies.

Here are all the questions we have after episode one of Bloodlands…

***Warning: spoilers from episode 1 of Bloodlands series 2 ahead***

James Nesbitt returned in Bloodlands series 2 episode 1 (Credit: BBC)

Bloodlands series 2 episode 1: How did Tom know Colin Foyle?

It’s set to be one of the biggest questions of series 2, but it’s one worth asking – how did Tom Brannick know dead man Colin Foyle?

Viewers saw flashbacks from the fateful night when Tom became Goliath, and we learnt that Colin was something to do with it.

When Niamh identified Colin’s body, Tom was clearly anxious, and it was clear that Tom knew the murdered accountant.

As Tom returned home, recent texts revealed that Colin had something to do with the gold on the island.

In series 1, Tom told Tori in his confession as Goliath that he didn’t want the weapons ending up on the street – and mentioned nothing about the gold.

So, we can assume that – after Tom killed Father Quinlan and Joe Harkin – he took the weapons and gold himself.

But how did it end up in Colin Foyle’s possession?

What made Tom trust Colin to keep hold of the weapons and gold?

The two clearly have a past, but did Colin Foyle’s killer know about his connection to Tom?

Is Niamh still suspicious of Tom?

DS Niamh McGovern told Jackie Twomey last series that she was suspicious of Tom.

She believed Tom was setting Jackie up – and she was right.

While that doesn’t necessarily means she knows that Tom is Goliath, she definitely knows something sketchy is going on.

Tom was pretty convincing when he made everyone believe that Pat Keenan was Goliath last series, but Niamh would be a fool to trust Brannick.

And fool she is not.

When Olivia told Tom “this is your fault”, Niamh gave Tom a look that made it pretty clear she still doesn’t trust her policing partner.

Later on, when Olivia was getting a little too close for comfort to Tom, Niamh spotted the moment but didn’t tell Twomey about her suspicions.

It seems like only a matter of time before Niamh puts all of the clues about Tom together, but what will she do when she does?

Jackie Twomey (LORCAN CRANITCH), (LEFT) and Tom Brannick (JAMES NESBITT) (right), they stand outside Olivia Foyle's house in suits with worried expressions
Jackie has a past with Colin Foyle… (Credit: BBC)

What happened between Jackie Twomey and Colin?

Colin Foyle seemed to really get around the Dunfolan police team because he didn’t just know DCI Tom Brannick, but also had a past with DCS Jackie Twomey.

Jackie hadn’t seen Colin since 2006, unaware that Colin’s first wife Michelle had died of cancer.

Jackie shared that he was a client of Colin’s for 16 years, but the two had some sort of falling out.

He said: “There’s a reason things ended between us the way they did,” but we didn’t hear anything more than that.

So why did Jackie and Colin fall out?

Niamh suggested that Colin was involved with terrorists and his access to the weapons and gold pretty much confirmed this.

When asked, Jackie confirmed he cut ties because Colin seemed to be involved with paramilitaries, but we wonder if there might be more to their falling out…

Is romance blossoming between Birdy and Izzy in Bloodlands series 2 episode 1?

Tom’s daughter, Izzy, and DS Birdy shared a sweet moment together in Bloodlands series 2 episode 1.

Izzy told Birdy that she felt like they had never really talked, but Birdy adorably told Izzy: “I’ve noticed you… I’ve seen you.”

Birdy jokingly told Izzy that he finds Tom a little terrifying, but he might be onto more than he realises there!

While Izzy and Birdy could definitely be a sweet couple, Izzy doesn’t know anything about her father’s secret identity as Goliath.

Could Birdy’s role in the police mean that he could discover Tom’s identity and tell Izzy?

Tom would stop at nothing to stop Izzy knowing he’s Goliath, so this romance could be more dangerous than Birdy could ever realise.

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,Olivia Foyle (VICTORIA SMURFIT) in Bloodlands S2 EPISODE 1, she sits in a restaurant in a black top looking angry
There seems to be more to Olivia Foyle than it first seemed… (Credit: BBC)

Bloodlands episode one: Why did Olivia Foyle have the weapons and gold?

A notebook from Colin Foyle’s car revealed some sort of code: SHHS 174.

After ordering a warrant on the Foyle home, Tom discovered this was a storage unit number.

Tom got in there, removing the weapons and the gold, which he revealed was worth a whopping £4,341,010.

We can see why he was nervous about losing that now, that’s for sure!

At the end of the episode, Olivia herself – who up until that point had played the role of clueless wife – headed to the storage unit.

But she got there only to find that the gold was gone.

Texting her from a burner phone, Tom pretended to be Colin Foyle, saying: “I’m alive and I want my gold.”

Olivia looked terrified…

So what does she really know about all of this? Was she the one who killed her husband?

She said she only knew Robert Dardis because he was her driver, but is there more to their relationship than she’s letting on?

Well, this season is shaping up to be an exciting one, and we can’t wait to find out more!

Bloodlands continues on Sunday September 25 2022 on BBC One at 9pm. All episodes of series 1 are available on BBC iPlayer.

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