Shaun Wallace and Bradley Walsh on The Chase

The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned by contestant’s confession

The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned by contestant’s confession

Bradley Walsh, host of The Chase, was left stunned by a contestant’s confession about Shaun Wallace on yesterday’s show (Monday, July 4).

The contestant admitted to having a soft spot for Shaun, aka The Dark Destroyer, which was something that shocked Bradley!

Lucy made a confession on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Yesterday evening’s episode of The Chase saw a contestant make a confession that left Bradley stunned.

The episode, which was a repeat, saw four new contestants take on the Chasers in the hope of winning a big money prize.

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One of the contestants on last night’s show was Lucy, a 40-year-old silversmith from the Isle of Wight.

During the cash builder round, Lucy managed to bag £4,000, something she claimed to be happy with.

However, Lucy was even happier when she got to go up against yesterday’s Chaser – Shaun.

Shaun Wallace smiling on The Chase

Lucy has a soft spot for Shaun (Credit: ITV)

The Chase contestant’s confession floors Bradley Walsh

As Shaun approached his spot at the top of the table, Lucy couldn’t help but smile.

“Hello Lucy, you make jewellery, do you? Good, you can give the cab firm a ring in a minute,” Shaun said.

Lucy laughed at the joke, before saying: “I really liked it! Sorry, I have a bit of a soft spot for you.”

“Really?!” a shocked Bradley asked.

“Oh yeah, he is a legend!” she said.

“Oh, that’s very nice,” Shaun smiled.

Unfortunately for Lucy, she didn’t last long against The Dark Destroyer, who caught up with her after she went for the higher offer of £40,000 – something she didn’t regret doing.

Shaun Wallace on The Chase
It was another day at the office for Shaun (Credit: ITV)

What else happened in yesterday’s show?

Things didn’t really go very well for Lucy’s team during last night’s show.

First up was Ramji, who bagged £3,000 in the cash builder. He managed to evade Shaun to take the £3k back to the Final Chase.

However, he was the only successful one on the team. Eoin, Lucy, and Gemma all stumbled and fell, meaning Ramji went into the Final Chase alone.

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Things went from bad to worse as Ramji only managed to put eight steps between himself and Shaun.

A glimmer of hope emerged as Shaun got five questions wrong.

However, Ramji only managed to push him back once. He then went home empty-handed when Shaun caught him with 39 seconds left.

The Chase airs on weekdays from 4pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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