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What happens Saturday, September 17 2022

What happens Saturday, September 17 2022

Casualty spoilers for Saturday (September 17) reveal Sah is given bad news and kidnapped by a patient.

Meanwhile Marcus fails to keep his promises leaving Dylan in a difficult position.

All this and more in the next episode of Casualty.

Sah gets bad news about their dad (Credit: BBC)

Casualty spoilers: Sah gets bad news

Sah is out working with Jan and their dad, Kevin, is brought into the emergency room after having a stroke.

The team can’t get hold of Sah as they keep muting calls from their mum.

Eventually Sah finds out Kevin is in hospital.

Sah rushes to Kevin’s bedside but they aren’t happy to see Jools is there as well.

Outside the ED Sah is kidnapped (Credit: BBC)

Sah is kidnapped

Later Sah follows a trail of blood to find patient Brian Dunlop.

Brian was brought in after having a bike crash. It turns out he was trying to see his kids before being sentenced to prison.

It becomes clear that Brian killed a young girl while drunk driving and his family have disowned him as a result.

As things become more serious, Brian takes Sah hostage forcing them to steal Jan’s car and drive him to his ex-wife’s house.

However when they get there is turns out the house is empty.

As Brian holds Sah hostage he tells her that he just wanted to fix things with his family, but he doesn’t know how.

But Brian ends up collapsing from his injuries and is rushed back to the ED.

Sah is moved when Brian’s ex-wife shows up with the kids.

After everything that’s happened, Jan encourages Sah to make up with Jools.

Sah listens to her and has a heart to heart with Jools. Can they finally move forward?

Marcus leaves his team annoyed (Credit: BBC)

Marcus fails to keep his promises

The team are not happy when the extra security measures Marcus promised are a few bodycams.

Soon the bodycams prove to cause more problems than they solve.

Stevie is verbally abused by patient Jamie Gibson when he thinks he’s being filmed leading her to return the bodycam.

Dylan is also furious to learn that Marcus has not implemented any other meaningful changes and is only focused on harassing him about attending a board meeting.

Fed up, Dylan later insists that Marcus needs to find another way to increase the team’s security as promised.

Dylan sees Betty (Credit: BBC)

Dylan’s confidence is knocked

Elderly patient Betty Gilmartin comes into the ED asking for Dylan.

But she’s sad to see that he’s lost his sparkle.

Dylan learns that Betty’s cancer has spread and she no longer wants treatment.

However she requests that she doesn’t die alone.

Dylan vows to honour Betty’s request but finds himself facing a crisis of confidence as Marcus fails to deliver his promises.

He also overhears Marty and Paul moaning about his inability to bring positive change as clinical lead, leaving him feeling down.

Later Dylan confides in Charlie but hit’s clear he has faith in him.

Dylan goes to find Betty and sits with her as she dies.

Teddy returns to work (Credit: BBC)

Teddy is back

Following Teddy’s decision to take time off work, he’s called back in amid Sah’s crisis.

With Sah now out of action following their dad’s emergency, Jan asks Teddy to come back to work.

But is he ready to return?

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