Martin and Roman Kemp smiling and pointing at the TV on Celebrity Gogglebox

Roman Kemp shares reason he does Celebrity Gogglebox with dad Martin

Roman Kemp shares reason he does Celebrity Gogglebox with dad Martin

Roman Kemp has recently been appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox with his dad Martin Kemp.

In the series, the father and son duo have been watching the latest telly together from the comfort of their own sofa.

And it’s been hilarious watching their reactions!

So why does Roman Kemp choose to appear on the show with his dad?

Radio host Roman Kemp reveals emotional reason why he takes part in Gogglebox with his dad (Credit: E4)

Roman Kemp reveals why he does Celebrity Gogglebox with his dad

Roman and Martin Kemp have never failed to keep us entertained on Celebrity Gogglebox.

From their dry humour to their over-the-top reactions the iconic pair are often stealing the spotlight on the show.

Speaking at the Grosvenor House, where he collected two TRIC Awards for his radio work, Roman opened up about why he chose to take part in the show with his father.

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He confessed that he wants his future children and grandkids to see the relationship that he had with his dad.

According to the Mirror, he said: “Gogglebox I do because it’s with my dad [Martin Kemp].

“Literally, the reason I chose Gogglebox is that I know that when I’m older and when he’s not here anymore, I can say to my kids and my grandkids ‘this was the relationship I had with my dad’. So that’s why I do it.”

Martin and Roman Kemp laughing on Celebrity Gogglebox
Roman Kemp admits that he doesn’t want to start a band with his family (Credit: E4)

However, although Roman is happy to join his family on the sofa, he wouldn’t want to collaborate in the musical sense.

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When asked if he’d be open to start a band with his musical family, he said he ‘wouldn’t be able’ to do it.

Roman explained: “During lockdown, my mum, dad and my sister lived together and everyday I would get sent videos of them round a piano or one of them with a guitar- the cringiest thing ever. I love them but I wouldn’t be able to enter the band.”

Celebrity Gogglebox airs on Channel 4, tonight, from 9pm.

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