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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and the richest man in the world, has returned to Twitter with a tweet paying tribute to the late YouTuber Technoblade. After a nine-day hiatus, Musk, who has 100 million followers on Twitter, also shared a picture of his meeting with the Pope in Italy.
This was Musk’s longest digital detox from Twitter in nearly five years. The Tesla CEO took to the platform Saturday morning to post an image with “wise words from SJM.”

Elon Musk comeback on Twitter after 10 days. Here’s what the Telsa CEO posted

After a break of 10 days, Elon Musk finally made a comeback on Twitter. The Tesla CEO’s long absence from Twitter left his more than 100 million followers and media speculating a lot. Musk, who used to post an average of at least five tweets on the microblogging site, suddenly became inactive on Twitter after June 21.
However, on July 2, after ten days, Musk posted four tweets. The world’s richest person tweeted a picture of himself standing next to the Pope and captioned it, “Honored to meet pontifex yesterday.”
Elon Musk’s four teenagers are also pictured, but not his 18-year-old transgender daughter, who tried to change her name and cut ties with him on June 20. Musk has eight children in total.
The purpose and location of Musk’s meeting with the pope were not immediately clear.
In another tweet, he paid tribute to popular YouTuber Technoblade, who recently died of cancer at age 23.
On June 21, Musk’s latest post was about his company SpaceX and the Federal Communications Commission.
Musk, who in April entered into a $44 billion agreement to acquire Twitter and take the company private for $54.20 per share, has disputed the company’s internal estimate that spam and fake accounts account for less than 5% of the platform’s users.
Last month, the billionaire threatened to walk away from the deal earlier this month, claiming that the company had violated its obligations under the merger agreement by “actively resisting and thwarting” its right to information about spam and fake account data.
Twitter’s board “unanimously recommended” that its shareholders approve Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media giant.
The Tesla CEO has also set out to make Twitter as attractive and as inclusive as possible.

In the past, Musk has also taken a break from Twitter. In June 2020 – shortly after the birth of his son X – Musk announced he would be “off Twitter for a while,” only to return four days later. And in 2019, he stopped tweeting for all of three days after reflecting on the “good” of Twitter.
However, he did not reveal why he stayed away from the social media platform for so long this time.
In real life, Elon Musk has a vacation phobia. In 2000, when he was CEO of PayPal, the company’s board had fired him when he was away to Australia for a vacation. Musk had said he had contracted a “near-fatal” case of malaria. Another time, one of his rockets exploded during his week off.
After the incidents, the tech titan said, “Vacations will kill you.” In 2015, Musk claimed he had taken only two vacations since SpaceX was founded in 2002.

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