How to apply for Four in a Bed? The Channel 4 show is back

How to apply for Four in a Bed? The Channel 4 show is back

How to apply for Four in a Bed? The Channel 4 show is back

Four in a Bed has become a much-loved British series that has kept us all hooked to our screens in recent years, but how do you apply to be on the show?

The latest series has returned (from Monday October 03 2022), and it won’t be long until Channel 4 are on the lookout for more business owners to be a part of the show for the next season.

If you’re an owner of a B&B then this could be you!

So here’s how to apply for the Channel 4 show Four in a Bed.

It’s pretty simple to apply for the Channel 4 series Four In A Bed (Credit: Channel 4)

How to apply for Four in a Bed?

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to a variety of different contestants on Four in a Bed.

From the hot headed Mike who stormed out of a B&B, to David and Sophie who created their own unique dish called the “hash bash”.

But how did they all apply to be on the show?

Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty simple to try and get onto the Channel 4 show.

Hopeful B&B owners can apply to appear on the show via its production company, Studio Lambert.

Potential contestants just need to visit the website and head over to the ‘Take Part’ section.

Once there, the candidate just has to fill out a short application form and send it off.

If producers like what they see, they will reply and advise about the next steps.

While there aren’t many conditions to applying, there is one very important one to note.

Those who own hotels must have at least three guest bedrooms.

Otherwise the format of the show would simply not work!

So if you’re an owner of a Bed and Breakfast who’s looking for a great promotion for their establishment, why not apply now?

How does Four in a Bed work?

In the beloved Channel 4 series, B&B owners battle it out to be named the Best Value for Money.

In a similar vein to Come Dine With Me, it doesn’t normally take long for drama to unfold and underhand games to be played.

Each contestant pair must rate the other B&Bs owners on their attention to detail down to everything from cleanliness to cooking.

But of course, you can expect some pretty fussy contestants!

Last series, one of the contestants marked her rival an extremely low score for food after she found a hair on her egg.

During the final episode, the scores are then revealed face-to-face, sparking tears and tantrums by the bucket load.

Winners then receive a golden plaque that proves they beat their competitors.

How to apply for Four in a Bed? How to watch C4 series?

Viewers don’t have to wait long as Four in a Bed is currently on C4 with brand new episodes.

The new series started on Monday October 03 2022 on Channel 4 at 5pm.

It continues every week day at the same time.

Previous series can be found on All 4.

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Four in a Bed airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 5pm.

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