Richard Madeley presenting GMB today alongside guest

Richard Madeley under fire for ‘insensitive’ interview

Richard Madeley under fire for ‘insensitive’ interview

GMB viewers were left unimpressed over Richard Madeley on the show today (August 10).

The divisive ITV presenter once again angered viewers with his unique presenting style.

A close friend of the late Jack Fenton appeared on Good Morning Britain today to talk about his tragic death.

Jack, from Kent, died instantly when he was struck by a helicopter’s rear rotor near Athens last month (July).

Richard Madeley interviewed Jack’s friend on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Investigators had initially suggested that Jack had returned to the tarmac to take a picture when the tragedy occurred.

However, the claim was refuted by those who were travelling with him.

Robin Stanton-Gleaves, the chairman of Bromley football club and the father of Mr Fenton’s school friend, Jack Stanton-Gleaves, accompanied Jack and his pals on the trip.

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“I was on the helicopter behind and my middle son Jack rang me to tell me what had happened,” he said.

“When I got to site, because I was diverted, and I saw the situation that was in front of me and I got the story from my middle boy Jack it was quite different.”

However, Richard then cut in: “That’s why I want you to tell it because we’re a little bit short of time. So can you get to that story then? What is it that your son told you?”

Robin said: “Very simply. They literally stepped off the helicopter. My son turned as he heard a sound and then he witnessed what he witnessed.

“For whatever reason, Jack Fenton had turned another way stepping off the helicopter. The story that he was on a selfie taking a picture is all wrong. What we do know is that there was a CCTV camera and we can’t fathom why is nobody looking at the camera.”

Jack Fenton's friend appearing on GMB today
Viewers were unhappy with the lack of ’empathy’ being shared (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain complaints

Numerous viewers rushed to social media to hit out at Richard for lacking sensitivity.

“#gmb‘s Richard Madeley interview techniques are so uncomfortable to watch. Give that man some respect – telling him ‘get to that story, we are a bit short of time’ is very insensitive!” moaned one viewer.

A second complained: “Madeley talking to the friend of Jack Fenton might as well have just said ‘GET TO THE POINT’ he’s so rude #gmb.”

“Richard is so interruptive and does not show any empathy,” ranted a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth said: “Richard is horrific! Rushing this man who’s giving his account of a tragic event. He could not sound less interested. Zero respect #gmb.”

Despite this interview, Richard did gain praise from viewers over his interview with MP James Cleverly.

Following the interview, one viewer tweeted: “Today he did ask some sensible & justified questions, of James Cleverly.”

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