Robert James Collier on GMB today

GMB viewers baffled by Robert James Collier’s ‘car crash’ interview

GMB viewers baffled by Robert James Collier’s ‘car crash’ interview

GMB viewers were left baffled by Robert James Collier’s “car crash” interview today (September 23).

The actor is currently starring in Netflix series Fate: The Winx Saga.

He appeared on GMB to promote the popular Netflix series on Friday. However, viewers were quickly sent into a spin over Robert’s “erratic” behaviour.

Ed Balls asked Robert to describe his show for those who may not have seen the first series.

As a result, he revealed he’d gone to his son Milo – who turns 13 today – for advice on the question.

Robert James Collier appeared on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

GMB today: Robert James Collier baffles viewers

The actor said: “He went: ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll give you something to say,’ and then he told me what to say. I thought it was magical! I’m gonna read it out now, if I may?

“I thought, we’ve done something right here, he’s said something beautiful. It might make some of the nation cry, so if I may, I’m just gonna read what he told me to say in response to the question: ‘Why should people watch Fate: The Winx Saga?’

“Not that anyone can afford to at the minute, because of the energy crisis! First point: ‘It’s about fairies, innit?’ That’s his first point. The second point from Milo was: ‘It’s just like Harry Potter with an American twist.’”

“Thanks a lot, Milo, no birthday presents for you! Useless! He’s getting nothing after that, he should have said something insightful! I opted to come here to publicise this show rather than be at home on my son’s birthday. I’m a bad parent!”

Crew member Josh makes Downton ‘blunder’

Robert is known to many for playing Thomas Barrow on the ITV drama Downton Abbey.

He then went on to reveal a moment that happened backstage moments before he came on camera.

Wow Robert James Collier has made my head hurt this morning on @GMB.

He said: “Can I just say, your lovely guy who took me down here today, Josh, he’s a Downton Abbey fan. I said: ‘Josh, who’s your favourite?’ bearing in mind that I’m stood right in front of him.

“You know what Josh said? He didn’t at that moment go: ‘Thomas of course!’ He went: ‘Lady Mary,’ so I thought, good, I’ll be second, and then he went: ‘O’Brien was good!’ She left in series three!

“The fact is, I wasn’t on his list of favourite characters, and he didn’t even lie about me being on it. He’s a lovely man though, got great energy,” he added.

He then declared that a member of the crew who looked after him backstage had a great “presence” and should be “given a job” on screen.

Robert James Collier on GMB today
Fans were left baffled by Robert James Collier (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers blast interview

Viewers joked Robert had been “under the influence” while others said he made their “head hurt”.

One said: “Wow, Robert James Collier. What a whirlwind… defo gonna watch that fairy show he’s in, and fell like I should revisit Downton, too.”

“Wow Robert James Collier has made my head hurt this morning on @GMB”, ranted a second commenter.

A third viewer alleged: “Think he must have come on straight after a night out! #Robertjamescollier.”

“Robert James Collier acting like a [bleep] on GMB,” moaned another.

While a fifth added: “I’ve never seen such an erratic guest.”

Others said the interview with Kate Garraway and Ed Balls was a “car crash”.

“This is a car crash,” they said as he appeared on screen.

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