Ben Shephard looking sad on GMB today

Ben Shephard reveals ‘shock’ death of close friend

Ben Shephard reveals ‘shock’ death of close friend

GMB today saw Ben Shephard admit that he’s been “floored” by grief after the “shock” death of a close friend recently.

The 47-year-old made the heartbreaking admission during an interview with Reverend Richard Coles on today’s Good Morning Britain.

Ben opened up today (Credit: ITV)

GMB today

During today’s edition of GMB, Ben made a heartbreaking admission.

The host of Tipping Point revealed to viewers that he had lost a very close friend recently, and had been “floored” by grief.

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During an interview with Rev. Richard Coles, Ben opened up about his loss.

His opening up came as a result of the subject matter being discussed – that being Richard’s new documentary on grief.

“I lost a very close friend recently,” Ben said. “A really big shock out of the blue.”

Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway speaking to Richard Coles on GMB today
Ben opened up (Credit: ITV)

Ben Shephard talks about grief on GMB today

The GMB host then continued, speaking about how he and his friends experienced grief.

“Another friend said grief is a bit like a wave. It hits you suddenly and then it sort of dissipates,” he said.

“Then suddenly, randomly, it comes back out of nowhere and it hits you again.”

He added: “That is certainly something I experienced.

“A little moment where I’m floored by a picture that pops up or a tune that suddenly comes on the radio that reminds me of my friend that we lost so dramatically and I’m back there and I’m in the middle of that grief.”

Ben’s big news

Ben’s opening up comes just a week after he shared some exciting news with Tipping Point fans.

The star revealed that the latest series of Tipping Point: Lucky Stars, has almost finished filming.

In a tweet for his 800.6k followers, Ben posted a picture of himself and two executive producers – who just so happened to be wearing pajamas with his face on them.

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“Coming to the end of this year’s filming for @TippingPointITV#LuckyStars you can tell Stockholm syndrome has set in my execs are now wearing #benshephard pajamas,” he tweeted. 

“I think the merch thing is getting out of hand.”

Plenty of Ben’s followers were big fans of the tweet. “Hilarious Ben – so lovely to have a laugh at work as well as doing all the serious stuff. Everyone needs to be uplifted at the moment,” one fan tweeted.

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