Camilla, Susanna Reid on GMB today

GMB today viewers divided over Camilla debate

GMB today viewers divided over Camilla debate

GMB today saw Susanna Reid and Ed Balls host a debate on Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in which a guest demanded that Brits stop thinking of her as a “wicked stepmother”.

Whilst some viewers took sides in the debate, others simply couldn’t care less.

However, many were keen to air their thoughts on Twitter.

Camilla was the subject of a debate on the show today (Credit:

Camilla debate on GMB today

This week will see the Duchess of Cornwall turn 75 years old.

To mark her birthday, ITV will be airing a documentary about her life tomorrow (Wednesday, July 13).

During today’s edition of Good Morning Britain, Susanna and Ed welcomed Julie Bindel and Jack Royston onto the show to discuss the Duchess.

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Bindel is of the opinion that the public has forgiven Camilla for her role in the breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s marriage.

Meanwhile, Royston argued that her role in the breakdown of their marriage means she will never fully be forgiven.

Jack Royston, Julie Bindel, Susanna Reid, Ed Balls on GMB today
Has the public forgiven Camilla? (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain today

Royston argued that the public hasn’t moved on from Camilla’s role in Diana and Charles’ marriage.

“People in the 90s took Diana’s side in that particular dispute,” he said. “And actually, the younger generations growing up now feel just as strongly, I think, as people did back then.”

“They love Diana, they love the legacy that she left,” he continued. “They feel as though she was the victim of an injustice, basically.”

Bindel, on the other hand, said a lot of it came down to sexism, blaming the woman for an affair a man had.

Speaking of her charitable work, Bindel said: “I think that now, we can really stop thinking of her as the wicked stepmother.”

“As the wicked stepmother in the fairytale where Diana was the princess,” she added.

Julie Bindel on GMB today
Julie argued that the public should stop seeing Camilla as the ‘wicked stepmother’ (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers today react

Viewers were divided over the debate on today’s show. Some were firmly on Bindel’s side.

“I don’t think anyone can blame her for the breakup of that marriage, unfortunately Charles always loved Camilla but had to marry Diana, which is such a sad story as it was a loveless marriage. As devastating as it was for Diana, Camilla isn’t to blame, Royalty Rules was,” one viewer tweeted.

“Jesus how long ago was the affair, just leave Camilla alone,” another said.

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“Camilla should never be forgiven?? Get a grip. If the immediate family are ok with it, what the heck has it got to do with anyone else?” a third wrote.

However, other viewers agreed with Royston. “Camilla definitely hasn’t won over everyone,” one tweeted.

“Definitely not – never forget,” another said to forgiving Camilla.

Others simply didn’t care about the debate. “@GMB need another person in this debate about #camilla and #PrinceCharles that represents the majority view on this subject. They could just answer every question with “Nobody cares tbh”,” one viewer said.

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