Laura Tobin on GMB today

GMB star Laura Tobin accused of ‘scaremongering’ today

GMB star Laura Tobin accused of ‘scaremongering’ today

GMB today saw viewers take to Twitter to slam resident weather presenter Laura Tobin for “scaremongering”.

The 40-year-old discussed some of the fatalities that were happening because of the heatwave – but viewers weren’t happy.

Laura spoke about the heatwave today (Credit: ITV)

Laura Tobin on GMB today

During today’s edition of Good Morning Britain, Laura spoke about the heatwave currently hitting the UK.

And the weather presenter had a terrifying prediction for temperatures reaching record highs next week.

During her report, Laura explained that London and Birmingham will hit highs of 38C and 37C respectively next week.

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“There is a 10% chance of 40 degrees celsius,” Laura revealed.

“These temperatures, that potentially mean our amber warning, some people are wondering if it could go red, that would make a national emergency,” she continued.

“And it means, not just the very vulnerable, everyone at every age category at risk of the extreme heat and there will be hundreds, if not thousands of fatalities due to this heatwave.”

Laura Tobin presenting the weather on GMB today
Laura had a dire warning for viewers (Credit: ITV)

UK heatwave

Whilst some will have taken Laura’s warnings seriously, others were furious with the star for apparently “scaremongering”.

“Seriously Laura and the rest of the scaremongering colleagues you work with it’s called SUMMER,” one viewer ranted.

What a lovely morning, put the box on and @GMB doing what they do best…scaremongering the general public! Extreme record breaking heat, danger to life, stay out the sun! Have fun people…don’t burden the NHS!” another tweeted.

I’m sorry but @Lauratobin1 seems to be relishing frightening everyone to death with her suggesting ‘everyone’ could be at risk! Scaremongering and it’s ridiculous,” a third wrote.

“Jesus Mary and the wee donkey talk about over the top reporting and scaremongering. You are truly ridiculous. Scaring people half to bloody death. Stop it, just stop it,” another said.

However, others supported Laura as one said: “I’m sick of people dismissing concerns over the heat. This weather is dangerous for lots of us, it’s not made up, people do die. We saw loads of patients with heatstroke and kids convulsing because they were too hot.”

Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins on GMB today
Ben and Charlotte fronted the show today (Credit: ITV)

What else happened on GMB today?

Viewers weren’t moaning all morning though – there were still some positives about today’s show for them to enjoy.

One such positive was the new presenting duo that fronted today’s show.

Ben Shephard was joined by Charlotte Hawkins today – and the duo’s hosting seemed to go down very well with viewers.

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Best team on this morning! Ben and Charlotte still manage to be forceful with their interviews yet allow their interviewee the opportunity to respond. A real skill that looks so easy yet isn’t. Please ITV, make them permanent,” one viewer tweeted. 

Charlotte and Ben look like a great team,” another said. 

GMB presenters, in general, seem to be very pompous and condescending apart from CharlotteBen and Kate [Garraway],” a third wrote. 

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