Ross Kemp and Susanna Reid on GMB looking angry

Ross Kemp called out on Twitter over Susanna Reid PTSD debate

Ross Kemp called out on Twitter over Susanna Reid PTSD debate

GMB fans took to Twitter to back Susanna Reid as she interviewed Ross Kemp on the show today (June 27).

Ex-EastEnders actor Ross was on Good Morning Britain to discuss how veterans suffering from PTSD are portrayed in TV dramas.

Susanna used the example of Richard Madden’s character in Bodyguard, while Ross argued that, on the whole, TV dramas don’t show an “honest representation of veterans’ mental health”.

Ross Kemp went head-to-head with Susanna Reid on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

Ross Kemp and Susanna Reid on veterans’ mental health

Susanna said: “There is a lot that is described when it comes to PTSD in a drama.

“You know, this idea that a soldier who has seen the worst of the worst out in Iraq or Afghanistan, comes back to be shattered by PTSD, he’s on a sort of hair-trigger.

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“That’s what you’re saying it’s a sort of cliche in drama. That is not helpful because of course, people with PTSD, and not the majority of them will not be like that.”

Ross replied: “It’s a specific kind of mental health issue and it’s now become an all-encompassing term for a mental health issue.

Whenever we see someone with PTSD on the screen, we know they’re potentially going to be the angry, mad, sad person.

“Service personnel, veterans, so it only accounts for 7% of all veterans.

“And as you compare that to people in the general community who haven’t served, it’s a full percent.

“So it’s not dramatically larger than the people who haven’t served.”

Ross added: “Whenever we see someone with PTSD on the screen, we know they’re potentially going to be the angry, mad, sad person.

“And as I say, you know, it’s having a real detrimental effect on…,” he started, before Susanna interrupted.

“The factors of PTSD can lead to terrible problems. It’s one of the reasons that we need to be open about PTSD so that it can be treated,” she said.

Susanna Reid looking angry on GMB
GMB fans on Twitter backed Susanna Reid’s side of the argument (Credit: ITV)

More ‘honest’ representation needed

Susanna went on to point out that Richard Madden’s character in Bodyguard got help for his PTSD.

She also noted that the cast of SAS Who Dares Wins have spoken out on their own struggles.

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“Two examples,” Ross hit back, “And I could give you many more examples where it’s not.

“Of course, we need drama and conflict inside the drama and it’s only right to see those characters.

“But there are too many of those characters who actually need to address and be a more honest representation of veterans’ mental health,” he concluded.

GMB viewers react on Twitter

Viewers at home took to Twitter to side with GMB host Susanna.

“Films, unless stated as documentaries, are fiction!” slammed one.

“There’re also some people who do suffer from PTSD! It’s not a stereotype, it’s a fact! More importantly, this shows PTSD suffers need continued help to deal with their stress and interaction with life!” they added.

“Tell me Ross, which unit did you serve with whilst you were in the forces?” another asked.

“Think he’s getting confused with playing a soldier in Ultimate Force,” another said.

“Should we listen to an actor or should we listen to men and women from the armed forces?” said another.

However, other viewers had Ross’ back.

“He went on multiple foot patrols and accompanied British soldiers and Royal Marines in Afghanistan,” said one.

“More than many who have served have done.”

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