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Gogglebox viewers say same thing about coverage of Queen death

Gogglebox viewers say same thing about coverage of Queen death

Gogglebox last night aired its coverage of the Queen’s death.

The Channel 4 programme sees normal people filmed in their own living rooms as they watch what’s been on the television for the last week.

Gogglebox stars were in tears at the news of the Queen’s death (Credit: Channel 4)

And obviously with the late monarch’s death dominating schedules, that is what the families watched this week.

Reflecting the sombre mood of the nation, the show began with the stars watching the BBC announcement of her passing.

Presenter Huw Edwards announced the news to the nation, with the Goggleboxers weeping.

Fan-favourite Jenny Newby broke down in tears next to best mate Lee Riley.

She even proceeded to sing the national anthem in a moving tribute.

After dabbing her eyes with tissues, Jenny said: “When she first took over, she said ‘Be it a long reign or a short reign’ she would reign until the end and that’s what she did.”

Gogglebox stars weep over the Queen’s death

Lee comforted his pal and added: “She has.”

Jenny also shared early childhood memories she had of the Queen when pictures of her reign was shown during the BBC broadcast.

An emotional Jenny said: “We used to have pictures like that in our school when we was little.”

The whole episode left fans feeling emotional.

And they were full of praise for Gogglebox for capturing the mood and handling the Queen’s death well.

One said: “Jesus how powerful is this opening of gogglebox and the reaction to the queens death. Quite upsetting and it’s 8 days on. When I see huw edwards announce the death again it hit me. You never expect to ever hear the passing of the queen #Gogglebox well done @C4Gogglebox”

A second said: “Adding #Gogglebox to one of the genuinely few emotional moments of the Queen’s death. Absolutely wonderful television.”

A third said: “Not even 2 minutes into #Gogglebox and I’m already in tears ”

Another added: “I have to say #Gogglebox handled the coverage of the Queen’s death perfectly 👌🏻 A masterclass in television.”

A fifth said: “That’s what #gogglebox is all about isn’t it? Displaying viewers reactions and opinions on Britain’s current events. And for something so significant and historic to the British public, they were bound to cover it weren’t they?”

However, others felt the show should have not covered it.

The Channel 4 show's handling of the Queen's death divided fans (Credit: Channel 4)
The Channel 4 show’s handling of the Queen’s death divided fans (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers divided over handling of the Queen’s death

One said: “Not sure how I feel about #Gogglebox reacting to the news of the Queen’s passing.”

A second said: “There is literally no way that this was filmed the moment the Queen died #Gogglebox.”

Another said: “These comments on #Gogglebox seem so long ago now.

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A fourth added: “Gogglebox feeling more staged than usual tonight. I don’t believe any of them are watching the live news. #Gogglebox.”

The Queen is currently lying in state at Westminster Halls.

Brits have been queuing for up to 24 hours to pay their respects in person ahead of her funeral on Monday.

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