Seeq lands $50M to grow manufacturing analytics software platform – GeekWire

‘Google’ of industrial process data Seeq raising more cash for analytics platform – GeekWire

‘Google’ of industrial process data Seeq raising more cash for analytics platform – GeekWire

Steve Sliwa.

Seeq, a Seattle-based startup that helps process manufacturing organizations better understand their data, is raising more cash.

According to a new SEC filing, the company has raised $18.6 million of a larger round. A Seeq representative declined to comment on the new investment.

The address on the filing is for Second Avenue Partners, a Seattle-based investment firm that previously invested in Seeq — Pete Higgins, a partner at the firm, is listed as a director. Cameron Myhrvold, founding partner at Ignition Partners, is also listed as a director.

Seeq is led by CEO Steve Sliwa, who started the company in 2012 after he sold his previous startup, unmanned aircraft maker Insitu, to Boeing for a reported purchase price of $400 million in 2008.

Seeq helps customers in a variety of industries, from power generation to oil & gas to food & beverage, derive business insight from their manufacturing operations data. It pulls numbers from sensors and instrument systems to help answer questions like, “When did the pump draw more than 38 kW?” or, “When was temperature colder than 100°F?” or, “How much of my product was manufactured under those conditions?” The software also uses machine learning and produces data visualizations.

“You can think of Seeq as the ‘Google’ of your Industrial Process Data: fast, interactive, and intuitive,” the company says. “Customers using Seeq experience faster insights on production data, a higher return-on-investment from existing data sources, and increased collaboration among employees to drive better operations decisions.”

The company raised a $6 million Series A round in late 2013.

In addition to Second Avenue Partners, previous investors in Seeq include Madrona Venture Group, Clear Fir Partners, Gaylord Kellogg, and John Meisenbach. The company has 43 employees, according to LinkedIn.

Second Avenue Partners was also an investor in Insitu, which Sliwa led for 10 years as CEO, helping grow the company to an 800-employee powerhouse with annual sales of $400 million.

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