Will there be another season of BBC drama?

Will there be another season of BBC drama?

Will there be another season of BBC drama?

Inside Man has come to an end after a short but sweet four-episode series and, unsurprisingly, some fans would love a series 2.

While it might’ve seemed like all the storylines got tied up in the finale (Tuesday October 04 2022), a little scene played out just after the credits…

And it certainly appeared to open up the show for a series 2!

So, here’s where the show could go from here and what we know about series 2 of Inside Man.

***Warning: spoilers from Inside Man episode 4 ahead***

Would you watch another series of Inside Man? (Credit: BBC)

Will there be a series 2 of Inside Man?

BBC One has yet to confirm a series 2 of Inside Man.

However, after THAT post-credit scene, we wouldn’t be surprised if a second series is coming soon.

If you missed the post-credit scene, it involved Janice visiting Jefferson Grieff (Stanley Tucci) in prison.

She told him that she needed his help with her own case this time – the murder of her husband!

No, we didn’t know she had one either…

Jefferson and his friend Dillon were confused, however, as they said her husband wasn’t dead.

Janice confirmed this and said: “Yes, but he deserves to be.

“And I need your help with that.”

The episode ended as Jefferson Grieff and Janice smiled and Jefferson agreed to take on the case.

If you’re confused about who Janice’s husband is, that’s because we’ve never heard of him!

We’re guessing that Janice wants him dead because he never came looking for her when she was locked in the Watling’s cellar.

We’d love to know more about him.

Stanley Tucci as Jefferson Grieff (left) and dylan baker as warden casey (right) they sit at a table in the prison with concerned expressions
There’s still so much we need answers on! (Credit: BBC)

What could series 2 of Inside Man be about?

At the end of series one, Jefferson reminded Janice that he only had one week to live until his planned execution.

Series 2 could see Jefferson race against the clock to find a way to help Janice – at the same time as trying to save his own skin.

There’s so much we still don’t know about Jefferson!

While we now know he apparently strangled his wife to death and then chopped her head off, we don’t know why.

Jefferson told the warden that once they find his wife’s head, they’ll know why he did what he did.

He ended up sending the police to Henry Watling’s cellar to save Janice, instead of the location of his wife’s head.

But, could series 2 of Inside Man finally give us the answer to why he killed his wife?

It’s really hard to accept that Jefferson is a cold-hearted murderer…

We also need answers on who Janice’s husband is and why she wants him dead!

Jefferson had some of the best storylines of the series with the cases he solved from prison, and we would love to watch a series where Jefferson solves more cases from death row.

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What is Steven Moffat’s next series?

If you’re a fan of Steven Moffat, the creator of Inside Man, you might be interested in what he has coming next.

Steven Moffat is the executive producer on The Devil’s Hour, a new drama releasing this year.

It stars Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi as a drifter who becomes the main suspect in a murder.

Steven Moffat promises the show has a big twist that viewers won’t be expecting!

The show is an Amazon Prime exclusive which will be released on Friday October 28 2022.

You can watch the video trailer for the Steven Moffat series below.

All episodes of Inside Man are now available on BBC iPlayer.

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