Who is in the star-studded cast of the drama?

Who is in the star-studded cast of the drama?

Who is in the star-studded cast of the drama?

Inside Man is a new four-part drama on BBC One, featuring an incredible cast, with lots of recognisable faces!

Inside Man follows four characters living seemingly separate lives before they begin to entangle in ways they could have never imagined.

But who stars in the cast of the new BBC drama and how do you recognise everyone?

Here’s a full run-down of the cast of Inside Man…

Actor David Tennant stars as Henry Watling in Inside Man on BBC One (Credit: BBC)

David Tennant stars as Harry Watling

David Tennant stars in the cast as Harry Watling, the vicar and one of the main four characters that the show focuses on.

This project reunites David with Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat.

David Tennant famously played the Doctor for five years and will reprise his role next year in the 60th Anniversary special.

Another one of the Scottish actor’s best-known roles is as D.I. Alec Hardy in Broadchurch.

The 51-year-old also had a critically acclaimed role in Amazon Prime series Good Omens.

You might also recognise him as Kilgrave from the Marvel series Jessica Jones.

Film fans will recognise him from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, Mary Queen of Scots and Nativity 2.

He’s soon set to star in Litvinenko, a true crime series coming to ITVX.

David Tennant has been married to fellow actress Georgia Tennant since 2011; the two met whilst filming an episode of Doctor Who back in 2008.

Stanley Tucci as Jefferson Grieff in Inside Man, he sits in a prison cell with brown prisoner uniform on, his hands are in handcuffs and he has a solemn expression
Stanley Tucci plays Jefferson Grieff (Credit: BBC)

Stanley Tucci as Jefferson Grieff

US Actor Stanley Tucci plays Jefferson Grieff in Inside Man. Jefferson is a prisoner on death row, convicted of killing his own wife.

The Hollywood actor is recognised for his successful TV and film roles.

The 61-year-old actor was nominated for an Oscar for his role as the seriously creepy George Harvey in the thriller The Lovely Bones.

Other best-known movie roles include Mitchell in Spotlight, Paul in Julie and Julia and Secondo in Big Night.

He’s also known for his role as Caesar Flickerman in the massive The Hunger Games franchise.

His television roles include Emile in the Facebook Watch series Limetown, DCI Morton in Fortitude and Dr Kevin Moretti in ER.

Stanley’s reality cooking series Searching for Italy, which explores his delve into cooking after suffering from tongue cancer, has also received multiple Emmy nominations.

He is married Felicity Blunt, the sister of British actress Emily Blunt!

Lydia West as Beth Davenport in Inside Man, she sits in a prison room, she wears a blazer and looks into the camera with an upset expression
Inside Man stars Lydia West as Beth Davenport

Lydia West plays Beth Davenport in Inside Man

Lydia West stars as Beth Davenport in Inside Man. The journalist meets Janice – see below! – on a train.

The 29-year-old actress got her big break playing Bethany Bisme-Lyons in the popular BBC series Years and Years.

Last year, she starred as Jill Baxter in Channel 4’s critically acclaimed series It’s A Sin which followed the AIDs crisis in 1980s Britain.

She then starred in Apple TV series Suspicion as Monique Thompson. You might also recognise her from Netflix’s The Pentaverate.

Lydia is next set to star in the 2023 romcom It’s All Coming Back To Me.

Janice Fife as Dolly Wells in Inside Man, she looks into the camera with a neutral expression, she's in a house
Janice Fife is played by actress Dolly Wells (Credit: BBC)

Dolly Wells stars as Janice Fife in the cast of Inside Man

Dolly Wells plays Janice Fife in Inside Man, the maths tutor to Harry’s son, Ben.

The 50-year-old actress is probably best known as Margaret from The Outlaws.

She also starred as Dolly from HBO series Doll and Em.

The actress has starred in films such as Pride and Prejudice, Zombies, Bridget Jones and Home Again.

Dolly also recently played Professor Gallagher in the film Susie Searches.

Lyndsey Marshall as Mary Watling in Inside Man, she looks up at someone in her home, in a plait shirt
Lyndsey Marshal plays Mary Watling in the show (Credit: BBC)

Lyndsey Marshal plays Mary Watling

Actress Lyndsey Marshal plays Mary Watling, the vicar’s wife.

The 44-year-old actress is probably best known as Cleopatra in the Emmy-award-winning series Rome.

She’s also starred in BBC America show Being Human as Professor Lucy Jaggat and as Lady Sarah Hill in the period drama Garrow’s Law.

She recently starred in the BBC mini-series Dracula as Bloxham.

Film fans will recognise her from The Hours, Hereafter and Trespass Against Us.

Atkins Estimond as Dillon Kempton in Inside Man, he looks up the camera in a white shirt, he suits in a prison cell with photos on the wall
Atkins Estimond plays Dillon Kempton (Credit: BBC)

Inside Man cast: Atkins Estimond as Dillon Kempton

Actor Atkins Estimond stars as Dillon Kempton, a fellow prisoner alongside Jefferson Grieff.

You might recognise the 35-year-old actor as Osito in the Starplayz series Hightown.

He also starred alongside Martin Freeman in StartUp and in the AMC series Lodge 49.

He’s had small roles in The Resident, How To Get Away With Murder and Devious Maids.

Mark Quartley as Edgar in Inside Man, he looks upset and he looks to his right in a denim jacket
Mark Quartley stars as Edgar Hopperwood (Credit: BBC)

Mark Quarterly joins the cast as Edgar

Actor Mark Quarterly stars in the show as Edgar Hopperwood, a boy in the vicar’s parish.

He’s probably best known for starring in Sky’s Lucky Man as Paul Lermontov.

Mark played Dieter Hasselhoff in Hoff the Record, David Hasselhoff’s fictional son in his satirical series about his rise to fame.

He also recently starred in The Ipcress File as Pete. He also starred in Tell Me Everything as Andrew.

Louis Oliver as Ben Watling in Inside Man, he looks upset in his home, standing on the stairs
Actor Louis Oliver plays Ben Watling (Credit: BBC)

Louis Oliver stars in Inside Man as Ben Watling

Louis Oliver plays Ben Watling in Inside Man, the son of vicar Harry Watling.

He is the son of Steven Moffat, the creator of the show!

Louis previously starred in Netflix’s Midnight Mass as Ooker. He also had a small role in Sherlock as Little Sherlock.

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Who else joins the cast of Inside Man?

Actress Tilly Vosburgh plays Hilda, she’s best known as Susan Rose in EastEnders.

Annika actress Kate Dickie stars as Morag and Homeland star Dylan Baker also joins the cast.

Inside Man begins on Monday September 26 at 9pm on BBC One. Episodes are also available to BBC iPlayer after airing.

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