What happened in episode 4?

What happened in episode 4?

What happened in episode 4?

Completely lost after that ending of Inside Man? Then you’re not alone… Here’s the ending explained in our handy recap!

In episode 4, everything came to a head with Janice and Ben locked in the Watling’s cellar, as Beth and Jefferson worked to save them.

The lives of Henry, Beth, Jefferson and Janice collided in the tense series finale of the drama.

So, if you need Inside Man‘s ending explained, here’s the place.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 4 of Inside Man ahead***

A LOT happened in the series finale of Inside Man! (Credit: BBC)

Inside Man ending explained: Ben attacked Janice

Ben violently attacked Janice with a hammer in a scene that was shocking and pretty hard-to-watch.

In Inside Man episode 3, viewers had seen Vicar Henry Watling (David Tennant) execute his plan to poison Janice in the cellar with carbon monoxide – unaware his son Ben was also down there.

Between the carbon monoxide poisoning and the stress, Ben finally cracked.

As Janice was also affected by the carbon monoxide, she was unable to defend herself.

Janice had repeatedly asked Ben to turn off the heater so the carbon monoxide would stop spreading, before throwing a hammer at him to get his attention.

But this only drove Ben further into a murderous rage, and he smashed Janice in the face with a hammer.

Lyndsey Marshall as Mary Watling, she stands in the watling home with a worried expression
Mary died in horrifying circumstances… (Credit: BBC)

Inside Man ending explained: Mary Watling’s death

From the start, Mary seemed like a doomed case.

When Henry refused to let Mary back in their home, she decided to visit Janice’s flat.

However, journalist Beth Davenport was already there, so Mary claimed to be Janice’s friend.

Beth bluffed that she was Janice’s flatmate, and was immediately suspicious of Mary.

She repeatedly asked Mary how she’d got into the flat…

Beth questioned Mary on where Janice was and when she’d last seen her, and Mary panicked under the pressure.

Mary held up a bread knife to Beth and cut her when Beth continued to question her.

Mary then ran away from the flat, desperately trying to call Henry after realising that Ben was in the cellar.

Then out of nowhere, she was hit by a lorry.

A horrific scene saw her blood spread throughout the road and there was no doubt that she was dead.

Stanley Tucci as Jefferson Grieff, he sits at a prison table in a prison cell with a shocked expressions
Jefferson Grieff saved the day! (Credit: BBC)

Inside Man episode 4: Jefferson Grieff found Janice

After Henry heard Mary’s message and found out Ben was in the cellar, he frantically tried to free him.

He found Janice severely injured, but Ben ran away before Henry could stop him.

Just as it seemed that Henry was about to kill Beth and Janice, a group of masked police with weapons arrived.

And it was all down to Jefferson Grieff – we knew he could solve the case!

He had previously told the warden in his prison that he wanted to trade the whereabouts of his wife’s missing head for a pardon.

However, he didn’t give them the location of his wife’s head.

Instead, he gave the location to the cellar in the vicar’s house, where he knew Janice would be.

Henry asked Jefferson in a call how he knew that Janice was there.

He said it wasn’t difficult to find out that Janice was a tutor to the vicar’s son and that’s where she was last seen.

As the vicar had also not reported her missing, Jefferson figured he had something to hide.

Jefferson explained that he knew Janice would either be in her flat, or at the Vicarage.

When Beth and Morag confirmed she wasn’t home, he knew she’d be at Henry’s home, her last known destination.

Pretty simple, really!?

Dolly Wells as Janice Fife in Inside Man, she is in pain and looks sad as she sits on the cellar floor in a white dress
We weren’t sure if Janice would make it out alive! (Credit: BBC)

Janice survived the ordeal

In episode 4 of the BBC One drama, Henry was about to ring the police and confess to Janice’s murder when she opened her eyes!

Janice was severely injured, and Henry was just about to hit the last fatal swing to “protect his son”.

That was the moment Beth swooped in to save the day!

She figured out from Mary that Janice had never left the Vicarage.

She was clearly very badly injured, so we weren’t sure she’d make it out alive.

When Henry protested to Jefferson that he wasn’t a murderer, Jefferson indeed confirmed that Janice was alive.


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Inside Man post-credit scene explained: Who is Janice’s husband?

Viewers saw Janice looking alive and well in the post-credit scene!

She visited Jefferson in prison and dropped one of the biggest twists of the Steven Moffat-penned series.

Janice told Jefferson that she needed help solving her husband’s murder.

The only problem was that Janice’s husband was not dead!

She confirmed that and said: “Yes, but he deserves to be.

“And I need your help with that.”

Jefferson agreed to help as Janice smiled and the show ended.

So who on earth is Janice’s husband?!

She had never mentioned him before…

Well, we have a pretty good guess on why she wants him dead at least, because it seems like her husband never came looking for her!

So could a series two be on the way with Jefferson and Janice teaming up to murder her husband?

Well, we would love that!

All episodes of Inside Man are now available on BBC iPlayer.

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