James Martin looks serious

Saturday Morning host James Martin’s sad confession about ‘loss’

Saturday Morning host James Martin’s sad confession about ‘loss’

Saturday Morning host James Martin touched on a sad thought about his family as he addressed “never having enough time” in an interview.

The celebrity chef, 50, appears on his regular ITV show James Martin’s Saturday Morning this weekend (on September 17).

And devoted viewers will be delighted to have him back on their screens after last weekend’s programme didn’t air following the Queen‘s passing.

But earlier this year, telly fave James opened up with a heartrending confession about ‘loss’, indicating the coronavirus pandemic has also given him pause for thought and reflection.

James Martin fans will be glad to see him on the box this weekend (Credit: ITV)

Saturday Morning host James Martin reveals dream dinner guests

Who James would like to invite as his dream dinner guests must be a question he has been asked numerous times over his career.

But when speaking with a Great British Food Awards blogger in February earlier this year, James revealed he would be more interested in having his nearest and dearest around him.

Family comes first, it seems, for James in this scenario. Particularly when it comes to those who are no longer around.

James replied to the question: “My late grandmother. She was a real influence on me, and what I’ve chosen to do. My dream dinner party guests would be people that I’ve lost over the years. Coronavirus has highlighted what’s important – time. You never have enough of it.”

My dream dinner party guests would be people that I’ve lost over the years.

James went on to suggest he might not have all that much in common with Hollywood’s biggest stars if he had them around for a bite.

He went on: “Some people might list someone like George Clooney as a dinner party guest, but I can’t be arsed. He probably wouldn’t have much to say to me for two hours either. I think it’s important just to enjoy being with the people who’re closest to you.”

George Clooney probably shouldn’t bank on a dinner invite from James (Credit: YouTube)

‘Music is food for the soul’

Despite James’ rather sombre response to that enquiry, viewers have seen the kind of happy atmosphere he brings to a kitchen with his many programmes, including Saturday Morning.

But is seems James’ kitchen can also be a very soulful place. He revealed when asked about his ideal cooking playlist.

Apparently the Rolling Stones and jazz would feature prominently.

But it turns out James may be as handy with a plectrum as he is with… well, any kind of cooking utensil!

He added: “I actually play lead guitar in a band. We play jazz, soul, rock, stuff like Fleetwood Mac and BB King, plus some of our own tunes. I think they call it a midlife crisis.”

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James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs on ITV on Saturday September 17 at 9.25am.

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