Jayde Adams in pink glasses for Strictly promo

Strictly Come Dancing Jayde Adams on sister’s brain tumour

Strictly Come Dancing Jayde Adams on sister’s brain tumour

Strictly Come Dancing star Jayde Adams has revealed she has not danced since her sister’s traumatic death more than 10 years ago.

In an interview with ED!, the comedian told us she and her sister used to dance together growing up.

However, after sister Jenna’s tragic death of a brain tumour in 2011, grief-stricken Jayde has not danced again – until now.

Taking to the dance floor will be a very emotional time for The Outlaws star.

Jayde Adams is dancing in memory of her sister Jenna on Strictly Come Dancing (Credit: BBC One)

Why is Jayde Adams doing Strictly Come Dancing?

Actress Jayde, 37, told us the significance of taking part in Strictly Coming Dancing, 11 years after her sister Jenna died.

She said: “The last time I danced was actually with my sister.

“When I danced with her, I used to lift her all the time.

“Can you imagine anyone trying to lift me?”

Talking to the Mirror earlier this year, Jayde said: “I think my sister’s definitely orchestrating things for me.

“It all feels so serendipitous.

“It’s such an emotional thing for me.”

Jayde also revealed her aim is to entertain people.

Jayde added: “I want to entertain 12 million people every Saturday night.

“I absolutely love to perform, I love entertaining people, and I love making people happy.

“It’s my job.

“I’m a comedian and an actor and making people enjoy themselves is basically what I’ve done with my life for 11 years now [ever since my sister died].”

What happened to Jayde Adams’ sister?

In 2005, Jenna suffered a seizure indicating that something was seriously wrong.

When Jenna had a biopsy, doctors discovered she had a brain tumour and cut more than half of the growth out.

The operation changed Jenna, but she survived for another six years – and she was even able to get married.

Tragically, though, Jenna died in 2011 of the brain tumour.

Jayde has previously discussed how Jenna’s funeral took place in the same church she got married in just years earlier.

Strictly star Jayde has subsequently described how she turned to jokes and humour in the midst of her grief.

Her career started in the aftermath of her sister’s death.

Jayde’s debut stand-up show was written in the wake of her sister’s death.

She was nominated for the Edinburgh newcomer award in 2016.

She has since been a panellist on Channel 4’s 8 Out of 10 Cats and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Does Jayde Adams have dance experience?

Jayde Adams danced competitively with her sister for 13 years.

Bristol-born Jayde and Jenna attended her aunt’s freestyle disco dancing classes.

However, after Jenna died prematurely in 2011, Jayde did not dance with anyone again.

Talking to the Guardian in 2021, Jayde said: “My sister and I would be forced to compete in freestyle disco dancing together.

“I wasn’t terrible at it, but I was fat.

“Mum shoved me in skintight Lycra because she didn’t want me to feel different: she wanted to protect my self-esteem, which I had a lot of.

“My sister, however – slim, athletic, the perfect disco dancer – didn’t have much confidence.

“So we weren’t that successful, apart from this one time.”

Alma and Priscilla stare at the camera in Alma's Not Normal
Comedian Jayde Adams as Priscilla in Alma’s Not Normal (Credit: BBC One)

Jayde Adams is a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One

Jayde was announced as the fifth contestant to sign up to Strictly Come Dancing 2022 last month.

She joined fellow contestants including Will Mellor, Kym Marsh, Richie Anderson and Kaye Adams in the line-up for the show’s 20th series.

At the time of her announcement, she said: “Since I watched the first series in 2004, I feel like every step I’ve taken in my career over the last 11 years was to be on Strictly.

“I cannot begin to express the emotions I am feeling, this means so much to me and my family.

“I’ve always watched it, apart from a brief hiatus in 2011 as I was relentlessly gigging every weekend (to try and get on Strictly).

“I’ve been a massive fan of the show for years.

“I feel like I’m watching myself in a dream and I can’t believe I’ve manifested this.

“Holding this in has been torture for me!”

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Jayde Adams appears on Strictly Come Dancing 2022 from Friday September 23 2022 at 7pm. The first live show follows on Saturday September 24 at 6.45pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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