LiveStories raises $10M to help government agencies find, analyze, and publish civic data – GeekWire

LiveStories raises $10M to help government agencies find, analyze, and publish civic data – GeekWire

LiveStories raises $10M to help government agencies find, analyze, and publish civic data – GeekWire

LiveStories CEO Adnan Mahmud. Photo via LiveStories.

LiveStories continues to gain traction with its platform that helps government agencies manage and publish data. Now the Seattle startup is raising more cash to help support the growth.

The 4-year-old company today announced a $10 million Series A round led by Ignition Partners, with participation from True Ventures and Founders Co-op. Total funding is now $13.9 million.

LiveStories, a Techstars Seattle 2014 graduate, offers a one-stop shop for users that want to organize data, draw insights from the numbers, and then publish it in an easy-to-digest format. 

Many of the company’s customers come from local and state agencies that work with what LiveStories CEO Adnan Mahmud describes as “civic data” — facts and figures that describe how we live, learn, work, and play. It’s everything from obesity rates; graduation data; commute times; income patterns, and more. The company provides data from public sources on its platform, in addition to data that users can upload.

“There is a lot of interest in being more data-driven with decision-making and with the communication of performance and progress,” Mahmud told GeekWire. “Our customers aspire to be more transparent and they want to engage their audience.”

The company, which has seen its revenue triple year-over-year, is attracting interest specifically from health-related organizations like the San Francisco Department of Health; Case Western Reserve University; and the California Healthcare Foundation. Other customers include Los Angeles County; The Gates Foundation; UCLA; and more.

Mahmud said the company’s customers would traditionally go through a multi-step process to find and organize raw data, using tools like Google and Excel. Then they’d need to look for insights with tools like Tableau; put everything together in something like PowerPoint; and finally share it on the web with WordPress or SharePoint.

“It’s a very fragmented workflow,” Mahmud said. “We have been able to bring it all together in one place, on one platform, with no coding required.” 

He added that instead of spending time trying to find and format datasets, LiveStories’ customers are able to invest more resources into the analysis and distribution.

In a press release, Mahmud said LiveStories “is doing for government what Bloomberg did for the financial industry and Zillow did for the real estate industry.”

“We are empowering our customers with data that can be used to inspire positive change in communities nationwide,” he said in a statement.

LiveStories will use the fresh cash to develop new features and add more employees to its 20-person workforce. Previous investors include Social Leverage,, The Knight Foundation, and others.

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