Nominations now open for the Seattle 10 – GeekWire

Nominations now open for the Seattle 10 – GeekWire

Nominations now open for the Seattle 10 – GeekWire

Seattle 10 companies from the class of 2015 on display at MOHAI. Nominations are now open for the 2017 class. (GeekWire Photo)

Robotics. Health services. Retail. Cloud. Artificial intelligence.

Seattle’s startup scene is bustling with all sorts of innovative ideas, but which company has what it takes to join the illustrious club known as The Seattle 10?

We’ll find out on Dec. 6th at the big GeekWire Gala, taking place at the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.

Before we ring in the holidays — and our new crop of Seattle 10 companies — it’s time to take nominations.

This marks the fifth year that we’ve partnered with MOHAI on the Seattle 10 program, which recognizes 10 of the most promising and innovative startups in the greater Seattle region.

Now, here’s the cool part. Like in past years, those chosen to enter the Seattle 10 hall of fame will be tasked with sketching their business ideas on giant six-by-six foot canvas cocktail napkins. The artistic creations will debut on Dec. 6th in front of 1,000 people at the GeekWire Gala, and then be prominently displayed for several weeks before entering the museum’s permanent collection.

Our goal? Identify the next Amazon, Expedia, Zillow, Tableau or F5 Networks.

Interested in nominating a cutting-edge startup to join the ranks of “The Seattle 10” this year?

Here’s how it will work: Send us a brief description on why you think the startup idea will change the world. Send directly to us at with subject line of Seattle 10.

The OfferUp cocktail napkin hangs at MOHAI (GeekWire Photo)

We’re looking for big and bold ideas across a range of industries, and those companies that are less than five years old. Past honorees have included materials science startup Modumetal; asteroid miner Planetary Resources; transportation logistics upstart Convoy; and Turi, the machine learning startup which sold to Apple last year for about $200 million.

We’ll sort through this year’s nominations with the help of an awesome crew of startup experts, and pick the 10 startup companies that we feel are most deserving.

It is also important to note that we’re looking for startup companies that have moved out of the idea stage, those which have already shown tremendous traction with their products or services. Deadline for submission is noon on Wednesday, October 25. Note: You do not have to work at a company in order to nominate a startup for the Seattle 10, and one nomination is as good as 10.

One team member from each selected company will receive free entry to the Gala, including the opportunity to talk to guests about their idea and what makes it so awesome.

Representatives of the museum will distribute the large-scale cocktail napkins on October 30, and will include a “how to” manual and supplies for designing your masterpiece.

Send us those nominations this week, and maybe your company will have what it takes to be one of “The Seattle 10.”

Make sure to grab your tickets for this year’s GeekWire Gala — the geekiest holiday party on Earth — before we sell out. A big thanks to Wells Fargo, the presenting sponsor of this year’s Gala.

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