Denise Welch wearing green on Loose Women today

‘Iconic’ Denise Welch challenges troll’s cruel game

‘Iconic’ Denise Welch challenges troll’s cruel game

Loose Women star Denise Welch was hailed as “iconic” today when she played a troll at their own game.

The ITV presenter took to Twitter before appearing on the show today (June 28).

She discovered a cruel game of “Denise bingo” that had been created by a troll and shared it with her fans.

The game picked out phrases such as “addiction”, “mental health” and “Lincoln” and suggested viewers scratch them out whenever Denise said them on the show.

Denise Welch challenged a troll before Loose Women today (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women star Denise Welch pokes fun at troll’s game

Poking fun at the game, Denise shared the bingo card and wrote: “This amused me hugely so today I will endeavour to get a full house on @loosewomen.”

Fans quickly rushed to comment, with many happy Denise managed to see the light-hearted side.

One fan teased: “Think you need to spice that up you’re pretty boring. Love you as you are.”

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“I saw this earlier lovely… didn’t find it particularly amusing but glad you did… Just remember, we all love you and have your back,” said a second concerned follower.

You’re a legend Denise!

A third replied: “Jesus do people have no life?”

“You’re a legend Denise!” chimed in a fourth viewer.

A fifth said: “Iconic”, while a sixth added: “This is so funny!”

So how did the Denise bingo go?

Well, it appears Denise did indeed play the troll at their own game.

Twitter users commented that they’d heard Denise utter quite a few of the phrases live on air.

Now that’s how you deal with trolls, Den!

Denise Welch wearing green on Loose Women today
Denise Welch’s followers loved how she dealt with the troll (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, this week, Denise bravely opened up on Loose Women about the time she had an abortion.

Opening up on her decision, Denise explained to viewers: “Basically I made a decision to think, do I want to be tied to this person for the rest of my life?

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“I wouldn’t have been a person who would’ve been able to be awful about a partner,” she added.

Denise continued: “I made that decision for me and my future and therefore that of the unborn child and I’ve never ever regretted it because of the life I have now.

“I would have absolutely hated it,” she said.

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