Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter on Loose Women today

Janet Street-Porter hits out at neighbours

Janet Street-Porter hits out at neighbours

On Loose Women today, Janet Street-Porter has once again shared her outspoken opinions on the show.

And as expected, it hasn’t gone done well.

This time she’s been debating about whether or not children should be banned from weddings alongside Loose Women co-stars Katie Piper, Coleen Nolan and Christine Lampard.

Janet Street-Porter had some strong opinions on today’s Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today

Today (August 16) saw all four women debating whether or not children should be at weddings. Coleen revealed she had daughter Ciara as the flower girl at her second wedding. However, she said she wouldn’t welcome other children being there, particularly babies.

However outspoken journalist Janet then took conversation one step further. She discussed how she has ‘noisy’ neighbours who let their children play loudly on the trampoline in the garden and early in the morning. Whilst Christine described how she has consideration for others who may not necessarily want kids around, Janet replied: “You are an example of a thoughtful mother. But I live near some people with two small children under five, who think it’s perfectly acceptable for their children to go in the back garden at 7.15 in the morning, on a trampoline and jump up and down screaming.”

Loose Women panelists on ITV today
Loose Women panelists on ITV debated whether children should be at weddings (Credit: ITV)

However, Coleen immediately shot back: “It is!”

The two women launched into a fierce debate which riled Janet even further. She exclaimed: “What’s OK about that?!”

Katie Piper, mum of two, added: “I mean, that’s not early for children 7.15, they’re up at half 5!”

Continuing to disagree with Janet, Coleen curtly replied: “It’s their garden and their trampoline.”

However, Janet insisted: “But my garden is my sacred space and it’s next door! I’m quiet in my garden.”

Coleen then asked: “Well, why don’t you live on a child free street?!”

Coleen Nolan on ITV's Loose Women today
Coleen Nolan did not agree with Janet Street-Porter at all (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers think?

The fierce debate did not go unnoticed by viewers at home. One viewer tweeted: “Poor Janet’s neighbours.”

Another was angered by her comments, tweeting: “Seriously is Janet really that nasty irl? Because she comes across as such a selfish person!!”

However, another viewer sided with Janet and tweeted: “I’m with Janet on this one. The neighbours behind us are lovely, but they’ve got a grandchild who will not leave me alone when I’m in the garden and it genuinely stops me going out there. Her mum never intervenes and it’s beyond irritating!”

Another added: “Janet, speaking sense and being bold. She’s not being rude just stating facts.”

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