Louise Minchin speaks about family change on Lorraine today

Louise Minchin admits ‘sadness’ on Lorraine over family change

Louise Minchin admits ‘sadness’ on Lorraine over family change

Louise Minchin opened up about her ‘sense of loss’ following changes with her family on Lorraine today (Thursday September 22).

The former BBC Breakfast presenter has been married to her husband David since 1998. They share two children together, Mia and Scarlett.

But youngest daughter Scarlett recently left home for university. And during a chat in which ’empty nest syndrome’ was addressed, Louise agreed she had been “blindsided” by how sad she has felt about not having her daughters around.

Louise Minchin expected to feel a ‘huge sense of release and freedom’ (Credit: Lorraine YouTube)

Louise Minchin speaks about family changes on Lorraine today

Ex I’m A Celebrity contestant Louise lightheartedly admitted she expected having a house free of kids for the first time in 21 years would feel “amazing”.

She expected to feel a “huge sense of release and freedom” in not having to do so much washing and tidying.

However, the 54-year-old told host Lorraine Kelly she was shocked by how the family change affected her.

Nobody warned me, none of my friends warned me.

“Nobody warned me, none of my friends warned me, that actually it was going to be really hard,” Louise confessed.

“It completely blew me away.”

Louise Minchin speaks about her family change on Lorraine today
Both daughters have now ‘flown the nest’ (Credit: Lorraine YouTube)

‘It really took me surprise’

Louise went on to emphasise how she hadn’t realised she wasn’t ready for her family set up to alter.

Speaking about her elder daughter, she reflected: “Mia left to go to uni three years ago and I was unprepared.

“Unprepared for the silence, and the sense of loss and sadness.”

As Lorraine suggested such a change “blindsides you”, Louise replied: “Completely!”

She continued: “It really, really took me surprise. And obviously I knew it was going to happen again.”

However, it seems Louise still has conflicting emotions about her children moving away, even though she is delighted with their achievements.

Louise Minchin opens up about her family on Instagram
Louise Minchin opens up about her feelings over her family change on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

‘Letting go’

Louise joked she is still counting the days since Scarlett left, as well as counting the phone calls and texts.

But she also admitted she struggles with not hearing from her daughter as much.

Louise explained: “I’m super proud they’ve gone to uni but it is that loss of contact… You don’t want to let go of that communication as well.”

She also smiled about a ‘trick’ she used to stimulate a response after not hearing back to a couple of texts.

Apparently Louise sent Scarlett a snap of the family dog, reckoning that might generate conversation… and she was correct!

Advice from friends

And it seems others have suggested to her another furry pal might help in the meantime.

“My favourite bit of advice is ‘get another dog’,” Louise said.

“I’ve already got two dogs!”

Friends have also recommended Louise ‘keep busy’.

And although Louise has several projects on the go, she doesn’t wish to be occupied with work as previously on Breakfast.

She revealed: “I don’t miss the hours. The hours were really tough. I loved my job, and I love the people I worked with. But the 3.40am start time for twenty years is really tough.”

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