What makes a unicorn? Hear from 3 CEOs of $1B startups at the GeekWire Summit – GeekWire

What makes a unicorn? Hear from 3 CEOs of $1B startups at the GeekWire Summit – GeekWire

What makes a unicorn? Hear from 3 CEOs of $1B startups at the GeekWire Summit – GeekWire

From left to right: Outreach CEO Manny Medina; Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace; and Convoy CEO Dan Lewis.

Launching a startup is no easy feat. Growing a small team of early employees and increasing revenue is even harder. Raising millions of venture capital dollars and reaching a $1 billion valuation — that’s rarefied ground.

This is why the term “unicorn” is given to companies valued at more than $1 billion. It’s a small but growing group of startups that are shaking up industries left and right, changing how consumers and businesses interact with technology.

So what does it take to make a unicorn?

GeekWire Summit attendees will have a chance to learn from CEOs of three Seattle-area unicorns — Outreach, Auth0, and Convoy — who will join us on stage at our flagship technology conference, Oct. 7-9 in Seattle. Additional details and tickets here.

  • Manny Medina is the hard-charging CEO of Outreach whose 5-year-old startup is transforming how sales professionals work. Outreach raised a $114 million round earlier this year, propelling the company to unicorn status.
  • Eugenio Pace, the contemplative ex-Microsoftie who is helping turn Auth0 into a powerhouse for identity authentication. The 6-year-old startup raised a $103 million round this past May.
  • Dan Lewis is the Convoy CEO who is flipping the trucking industry on its head with help from investors including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Bono. The 4-year-old company became a unicorn in 2018 after a $185 million investment led by Google’s VC arm.

The entrepreneurs and leaders will discuss their startup journeys and provide tips and advice for scaling a business.

The GeekWire Summit takes place this year at the new Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle. The event, now in its 8th year, is known for in-depth interviews and inspiring talks from leaders in tech, business, science, and other key sectors of innovation and economic growth. This year we’ll explore trends in AI and robotics, privacy and surveillance, health tech, travel, venture capital, startups, media and more.

We’ll kick things off the evening of Oct. 7, followed by two full days of content.

Find more details and register on the GeekWire Summit event page or below

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