Marriage on BBC One theme tune annoying viewers

Marriage on BBC One theme tune annoying viewers

Marriage on BBC One theme tune annoying viewers

Marriage began on BBC on Sunday night, but the biggest talking point from viewers hasn’t been about the drama, but the theme tune.

So what is the theme tune for Marriage and what have viewers said about it?

Everyone is saying the same thing about Marriage’s theme tune…

What is the Marriage theme tune?

The theme tune opens out of seemingly nowhere at the beginning of the show: the loud song involves people shouting instructions like ‘to the side’ and ‘around’.

It’s unlikely to be a tune you recognise, credited as Partita for 8 voices: No 1, Allemande.  The acapella tune is composed by American composer Caroline Shaw.

It was composed for the vocal group Roomful of Teeth and was released on their Grammy Award-winning debut album in 2012.

The piece was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2013, making Caroline Shaw the youngest recipient of the award.

It’s even been named one of “the best classical music works of the 21st century.”

But fans of Marriage wouldn’t seem to agree with this!

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Sean Bean as Ian hugs Emma, Nicola Walker in Marriage
Marriage stars Nicola Walker and Sean Bean (Credit: BBC)

What have viewers said about the Marriage theme tune?

Twitter users were full of complaints about the BBC drama‘s theme tune.

One said “my God that bloody theme tune! Ready to stick my boot through the screen.”

Other viewers noted how quiet the dialogue is compared to the super loud theme tune, as this viewer complains “turned the sound up on Marriage because I couldn’t hear it properly. Then the theme tune scared me half to death!”

The viewer thinks the same “what was that theme tune about? Just awful. All of it. Whoever chose that theme needs to reevaluate their career choice.”

The theme tune was enough to put this viewer off watching the rest of the series: “I’ve just watched Marriage on BBC1 and I think it had the worst theme tune (if you can call it that) ever.

“So awful in fact it may have put me off watching the next episode. Yuk.”

And lots of people were in agreement with this viewer: “I think the loud and weird music at the end was supposed to wake us all up after falling asleep from boredom!”


Sean Bean as Ian (Left) and Nicola Walker as Emma (Right) they celebrate and clap in Marriage on BBC One
Marriage hasn’t been getting the best reviews from viewers (Credit: BBC)

What else have viewers said about Marriage?

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While Marriage went down well with initial reviews from critics, viewers of the programme don’t seem to agree.

The show, led by well-loved actors Nicola Walker and Sean Bean, hasn’t done enough to keep viewers watching, with many people complaining the show is boring and too slow.

This viewer says “never ever thought I could be so disappointed at a drama starring Nicola Walker!”

Another viewer agreed, saying “had really been looking forward to watching this new drama but I couldn’t believe what I was watching it was plain weird! It was uncomfortable viewing. So disappointed.”

Sean Bean as Ian in Marriage
Sean Bean stars in Marriage (Credit: BBC)

But it’s not all bad, with some viewers full of praise for the fly-on-the-wall drama: “Can’t believe I’m a lone voice here. Thought it was utterly brilliant.

“Not always easy viewing. Very much along the lines of Mum. Loved it. Nicola Walker and Sean Bean are mesmerising.”

Mum is another series from the creator of Marriage, Stefan Golaszewski, which received great reviews from critics and viewers.

Some people appreciated the lack of drama in the programme: “You’ve all totally missed the point! Love, loss and ordinary life.

“It’s just portrayed it perfectly. The lack of mayhem has totally sold it to me.”

So, if the more emotional and thought-provoking dramas are your thing, Marriage is the show for you.

If not, it’s probably best avoided.

Marriage continues on Monday August 15 at 9pm on BBC One.  The third episode airs next Sunday, August 21, at 9pm.

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