Sean Bean and Nicola Walker on BBC One drama Marriage

Most polarising mainstream drama in years

Most polarising mainstream drama in years

New BBC drama Marriage has left viewers very divided to say the least!

Some viewers were really enjoying the new show, calling it “stellar”.

Others, however, weren’t as impressed, brutally branding it a “yawnfest” following the second episode last night (August 15).

Sean Bean stars in Marriage (Credit: BBC)

Marriage on BBC One

Sunday night (August 14) saw new four-part drama, Marriage, air on BBC One.

The new drama, starring Sean Bean and Nicola Walker, follows Ian and Emma as they navigate the ups and downs of their 30-year-long marriage.

The first episode of the show introduced viewers to the characters and also featured Ian and Emma having a 10-minute argument over a jacket potato.

Meanwhile, in the second episode last night, Emma had the opportunity to go to a work conference.

However, when Ian met Emma’s boss and heard about the conference through him, he confronted Emma.

The show had a decent launch, with 3.32 million watching the first episode.

Nicola Walker looking cross on new BBC drama Marriage
Viewers were divided over the new drama (Credit: BBC)

Marriage reviews

It’s safe to say that viewers were SERIOUSLY divided over the new drama on BBC One.

Some viewers were very critical of the new programme, with some even branding it a “yawnfest”.

“Sean Bean is wasted in this, it’s bloody terrible,” one viewer said.

“Had been looking forward to this after write-ups. So very boring. Not watching episodes 3-4,” another wrote.

“Utterly boring. Two episodes and nothing’s happened. It’s a sleeping pill. Waste of THREE good actors,” a third commented.

Nothing like a bit of escapism with the #BBC‘s yawnfest #Marriage. Dull as dishwater,” another said.

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker on BBC drama Marriage
Other viewers praised the show (Credit: BBC)

Some viewers, however, really enjoyed the opening couple of episodes of Marriage.

“Brilliant programme about life. Fantastic actors. A lot of people just don’t get it, I wonder why,” one viewer wrote.

“OK so it’s not a high-action fast and furious drama thriller but I’m enjoying it. Walker and Bean have real chemistry, fantastic actors, and have developed the characters brilliantly. The story is subtle,” another said.

“Wonderful drama. Binged on all episodes and loved it,” a third commented.

I enjoyed the first episode of #Marriage. Sometimes in drama, silences say more than exchanges of clichéd, dreary dialogue. This was a textbook example. The simmering tension and atmosphere has got me hooked. And of course, both Sean Bean and Nicola Walker are both terrific,” another said. 

Another added: “Sorry but #Marriage on the BBC is stellar. Some people were always going to moan.”

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Marriage continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday, August 21 at 9pm. 

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