Matt Goss in promo shot for Strictly Come Dancing and his dog Reggie

Matt Goss Strictly Come Dancing

Matt Goss Strictly Come Dancing

Matt Goss was forced to say a sad farewell when he flew to the UK to start his Strictly Come Dancing journey.

The singer, who previously lived in LA for most of the year, left his beloved pet dog Reggie behind.

But, he recently told ED!, the good news that he’s flying his pet pooch to the UK so they can be reunited!

Bros singer Matt Goss is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2022 (Credit: BBC One)

What breed is Matt Goss’ pet dog?

Fans of 53-year-old Matt Goss know that he often shares cute photos and videos of his pet dog Reggie.

Reggie is a French bulldog.

However, when Matt Goss agreed to take part in Strictly Come Dancing 2022, he had to make the difficult decision to leave Reggie behind.

Sadly, he didn’t have enough time to arrange the necessary jabs and pet passport for his dog.

He was also worried about how his pet would cope on a 10-hour flight from the US.

At the time, he told The Sun: “Leaving Reggie in America has been tough.

“I know having him here [in the UK] will put a swing in my step on the Strictly stage.”

Matt added: “I’ve dreamt of having him by my side, walking through London parks, since he was eight weeks old.”

The former Bros singer spent lockdown with puppy Reggie, who is now three years old.

When will Matt be reunited with French bulldog Reggie?

In a recent interview with us, Matt revealed he is finally going to be reunited with his dog!

He told us: “The almost infamous Reggie – I just got news today that I think he’s flying in on September 12.

“He’s flying into Frankfurt.

“He’s going to get a mani-pedi and a full-body rub, and then he’s getting driven to me and we’ll reunite.”

Dog lover Matt added: “I’m hoping he’ll become the Strictly mascot.

“He’s part of me; he’s my family.

“I felt like such a bad dog dad to leave him.”

He also revealed one of the bizarre logistics of flying Reggie over, explaining: “It has to be 80 degrees in LA, and 80 degrees in Frankfurt, otherwise he’s not allowed to fly.

“So, we’ve been waiting for the weather.”

Why is Matt Goss doing Strictly Come Dancing 2022?

Eighties pop star Matt revealed he’s taking part in the BBC One dancing show to become “less reclusive”.

He’s also made the decision to move back to the UK after an 11-year residency in Las Vegas.

He told us: “I worked through my grief [after my mum Carol died of cancer in 2014].

“I’ve been on stage for so many years, 11 years in Vegas, and only back in the UK for four weeks a year.

“At the end of 2021, I wasn’t happy.

“When Strictly called, I thought ‘if I don’t do this, I’m going to end up reclusive’.”

He added: “In the UK, I’m part of the furniture, and it feels like an extended family.

“The cast on Strictly is really lovely, and my spirit needed it.

“The byproduct of this, is learning a new skill and surrendering to your partner.

“It’s a win/win for me – but, don’t get me wrong, I’m [bleep] myself right now!”

Matt Goss and his brother Luke look moody in black t'shirts
Bros reunited for gigs in 2017 at London’s O2 Arena (Credit: Splash)

Can Matt Goss dance?

Matt Goss has joked that one part of his body will be good during training.

He said: “I’m extremely nervous and excited, but I’m optimistic because I’m very supple from the knees down.”

However, jokes aside, he explained: “It’s a huge misconception [that performers are better on Strictly].

“On stage, I can go where I want, when I want.

“Strictly is different because you have to stand a certain way, and hold your arm where you’re told.

“It goes against everything I’ve learnt.

“I understand music; and I understand the beat and the bar, but that’s got going to help me!”

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Matt Goss joins Strictly Come Dancing on the launch show on Friday September 23 2022 at 7pm. The first live show follows on Saturday September 24 at 6.45pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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