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Where is Michael Aspel now as Alan Carr brings back Child’s Play?

Where is Michael Aspel now as Alan Carr brings back Child’s Play?

If, like us, you’re wondering where Michael Aspel – the original host of Child’s Play – is now, then you’re in luck because we’ve done some digging.

Michael’s 1980s gameshow makes its return to our screens tonight (July 8), but he won’t be hosting it.

Instead Alan Carr takes the helm as part of his Epic Gameshow series.

So where is Michael now and what has he been up to since fronting the show?

Read on and we’ll tell you.

Michael Aspel is now 89 years old and living in Surrey (Credit: Splash News)

What is Michael Aspel doing now?

Michael Aspel OBE is now 89 and lives in a riverside apartment in Weybridge, Surrey.

I’m surprised they don’t now say: ‘Will you be my first wife?’

He lives with his partner Irene and is retired.

Michael was spotted in March this year going for a stroll with Irene near his home in Surrey.

Is Michael Aspel married?

The star spoke about his three failed marriages in a 2004 interview with the Independant.

He confessed he felt “trapped” and “claustrophobic”.

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Opening up, Michael said: “It’s a measure of failure. I can’t shrug off divorce the way people seem to be able to these days.

“I’m surprised they don’t now say: ‘Will you be my first wife?’ because it’s kind of written into the constitution that it’s not going to last.

“But I’ve always thought that marriage is an excellent thing, and I’m very disappointed in myself that it hasn’t worked.”

Michael Aspel cuddling his ex wife
Michael with one of his ex-wives, Elizabeth Power (Credit: Splash News)

Why did he divorce?

His first wife, Dian Sessions, reportedly said of the TV presenter: “He was a lovely man but a hopeless hubby. He always had a roving eye. He is driven by sex and ambition.”

They were married from 1957 till 1961.

His second wife was TV scriptwriter Anne Reed in 1962.

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Their marriage was only slightly longer than his first and ended in 1967.

Then, 10 years later, he tied the knot for a third time, with actress Elizabeth Power.

He left her in 1994 for his current partner Irene Clarke, after they met on This is Your Life.

Michael has now been with his current partner, Irene Clarke, for 25 years.

What happened to Michael Aspel’s son?

Michael is also father to seven children.

Sadly his son Greg died in 1989, just weeks after turning 30, after he was diagnosed with cancer of the sinuses.

Reflecting on his loss, Michael said: “He went through dreadful operations and fought so hard, but he was a ruin when he died. If I’d gone a week later myself, I’d have not cared.”

Who is Michael Aspel?

For youngsters out there who may not have heard of him, the veteran broadcaster has a TV career spanning for than five decades.

He has hosted the likes of Crackerjack, This is Your Life, Give Us a Clue and the Antiques Roadshow.

Michael also presented Come Dancing – before it got its Strictly status!

Veteran presenter’s lymphoma diagnosis

Back in 2004 it was revealed doctors had found he had non-Hodgkins lymphoma during a routine medical check.

After stopping treatment, Michael spoke about his decision in 2007.

He said: “It’s a bit like having the OBE. It’s a great honour to have those letters after my name, but what do I actually do with them?

“That’s how I feel about this lymphoma – I have it, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

He also quipped: “I still maintain that a bus will get me before my lymphoma does.”

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow is on tonight (July 9) at 7pm on ITV.

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