Period Tracker App

Period Calendar tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and fertile window, shows your pregnancy chance every day and can also record intimacy, BBT and everything about women trying to get pregnant or birth control.

What are they?

Periods usually occur once a month, but the exact timing, flow, and accompanying symptoms are not always consistent. Period tracker apps are interactive devices that can help a person track their monthly cycle.
For most people who menstruate, bleeding occurs about every 28 days

However, it is common for the menstrual cycle to be shorter or longer and for bleeding to begin between days 21 and 40.
The period length can also vary from 3 to 8 days. On average, a person loses 2-3

tablespoons of blood during a period, but some may lose more or less.
This article explores period tracking apps and lists 10 available options, including key features, pros and cons. We also discuss alternative period tracking methods.

What are period tracking apps?

Period tracking apps are resources that allow people with smart devices to log data about their periods. This data can include:

  • Period start and end dates
  • Menstrual flow rate
  • period symptoms.

Period tracking can help people learn about their bodies and their cycles, and monitor any symptoms that occur during a particular phase of their cycle. They can also help identify changes in the menstrual cycle that may indicate potential health problems.
Another feature of period tracking apps is that they can usually predict when a person is ovulating and fertile. This means they are helpful for people who are avoiding pregnancy or trying to get pregnant.
Some period tracking apps are free, while others offer or require a one-time payment or an ongoing subscription. Some apps may offer a free trial period before requiring payment.

The 10 best period tracking apps for athletes: FitrWoman
2.Most comprehensive: Flo
3.Best for inclusivity: Note
4.Best for customization: My Calendar
5.Best for fertility tracking: Glow
6.Best for tracking sexual activity: Eve
7.Best for symptom tracking: Period Tracker Lite for iPhone users: Period Plus for teenagers: MagicGirl
10.Best for sharing with a partner: Cycles


  • Sync data with Apple Health
  • Support to sync data from health kit, such as active energy, sleep analysis, steps, sexual activity, etc.
  • Multiple methods to backup and restore data
  • Cycle tracker for irregular periods
  • Unique diary design for period tracker
  • Intimacy tracker
  • 58 symptoms and 67 moods to choose from
  • Pregnancy mode for tracking pregnancy and birth
  • Notification for period, fertility
  • Weight and temperature charts
  • Intuitive log management with period tracker/fertility tracker
  • Tracker for fertility symptoms, such as cervical firmness, cervical mucus, cervical opening.
  • Helps predict your menstruation and cycles.
  • Customize your personal period length, cycle length for irregular periods.
  • Choose 1, 3 or all month date average as period cycle length
  • Multi-accounts for period ovulation tracker
  • Multiple languages to choose from
  • Forums

Period tracking apps are a useful tool for monitoring a person’s menstrual cycle and predicting periods and fertility windows. Many of these apps also allow a person to record additional information such as menstrual cramps and sexual activity.
Period trackers are useful for detecting patterns and abnormalities within the menstrual cycle. They are also useful for people who want to plan or avoid pregnancy.
There are many period tracking apps available. The type a person chooses depends on several factors, including the type of smart device they have and the reason they want to use the app.

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