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Scarlett Moffatt makes heartbreaking confession about cruel weight jibes

Scarlett Moffatt makes heartbreaking confession about cruel weight jibes

Scarlett Moffatt has made a heartbreaking confession about her weight.

The former Gogglebox star has made no secret of the fact that she has struggled with her weight over the years.

But opening up about its effect on her, she has made a heartbreaking admission.

Scarlett Moffatt was the victim of jibes during the filming of her new documentary (Credit: Splash News)

Cruel weight jibes aimed at Scarlett Moffatt

During filming for her new fly-on-the-wall documentary, Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery on Channel 4, Scarlett visited teens who suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately for Scarlett, the teenagers made several comments about her weight.

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“Sometimes tics are funny – and I did definitely grow a thick skin during the making of the film. I got called ‘fat’, ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘old’ while people were tic-ing, but it’s also really serious,” she told The Sun’s TV Mag.

“One guy we met, Ryan, had a huge tic attack – it was like his body wasn’t his own. He was banging his head on the floor and it looked like he was in so much pain. We had to call an ambulance.

“I hope by watching, people get more of an understanding about what it’s like to live a day having Tourette’s.”

Scarlett opens up about suffering from tics

The star recently opened up about how she suffered from tics as a child.

Scarlett’s tics included continual blinking and problems breathing. Her mouth also drooped on one side and she had problems closing her right eye.

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The issues appeared during a very stressful period in her life.

She recalled: “When I was 11, I went through a really bad time. I hate talking about it as I don’t want people to think:, oh, woe is me. But a car ploughed into me and smashed all my teeth. That was awful. I had no front teeth.”

She underwent treatment for her condition – but still has some after effects.

“I took a long course of steroids and I had speech therapy and the tics went, although the effects of the drooping are still there.

“Even now, my face isn’t symmetrical at all, but I don’t mind it,” she said.

Scarlett added she rarely suffers a bad day with her tics any more. But her symptoms can still flare up if she’s stressed or tired.

Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery: Scarlett Moffatt Investigates will air on Channel 4 at 10pm on July 19.

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