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6 questions we have after watching thriller

6 questions we have after watching thriller

Sherwood viewers may feel like they have more questions than answers after watching episode 3 of the excellent BBC thriller on Monday (June 20 2022).

Which is exactly what you’d expect from a clever series, fraught with tension and bulging with an A-list cast this good.

In episode 3, the atmosphere between DI Kevin Salisbury and DCS Ian St Clair thickened to treacle.

And it’s compelling to watch.

Meanwhile, the third instalment saw a heartbreaking scene between sisters Julie and Cathy – both distraught by tragedy but with a (very real) brick wall between them.

Of course, the plot also saw newlywed Neel discover the dead body of his wife Sarah – oblivious to the fact that his own father Andy Fisher had killed her.

Here are the 6 burning questions we have after watching episode 3 of BBC thriller Sherwood.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 3 of Sherwood ahead***

Adam Hugill’s character Scott Rowley is still on the loose in Sherwood episode 3 (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode 3 on BBC One: Why did Scott Rowley kill Gary Jackson?

At the end of episode 3 of Sherwood on BBC One, we still don’t know why Scott Rowley killed Gary Jackson in the first instalment.

Is it because Gary was about to uncover the identity of the spy cop in the village?

That’s certainly one of the theories presented in the six-part series.

If this is true, this could point to Scott’s dad Fred being the uninvited guest.

Why else would Scott care?

Of course, Scott could just be a very angry and confused man playing his emotions out in violence.

We learnt in episode 3 that he wasn’t wanted as a child.

Now, he’s killed Gary, targeted Andy, and taken shots at Gary’s lawyer – which could all be connected.

But the poor peacock? Surely that’s just a trigger happy psychopath?

Where is the Abbey in Sherwood episode 3 on BBC One?

Talking of that beautiful peacock, we were in awe at the stunning Abbey which featured in the episode.

The Abbey is called Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire.

It was formerly an Augustinian priory, and converted to a domestic home following the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Visitors know it best as the ancestral home of Lord Byron.

Nottingham City Council own the building, and it’s a Grade II listed building.

Julie and Cathy in Sherwood
Lesley Manville and Claire Rushbrook are simply sublime as estranged sisters Julie Jackson and Cathy Rowley in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode 3 on BBC One: What is the history between DI Kevin Salisbury and DCS Ian St Clair?

This is the question we REALLY want to know the answer to.

And scriptwriters left us a trail of clues in episode 3 of Sherwood on BBC One.

There’s clearly beef between the two coppers – but why?

Obviously the pair met during the clashes in 1984, when trainee Ian was forced to police the demonstrations between striking miners and so-called scabs.

We know that Met policeman Kevin was called in to help with the disturbances.

He must have stayed long enough to start a romance with Jenny Harris, who he clearly still has feelings for and who happens to be a mate of Ian.

There is something very juicy here.

During episode 3, Kevin referred to “that night”, a night they were both present at and which clearly affected them both.

Later, when Jenny and her husband dined at Ian and his wife’s house, Helen explained Kevin was “some Met Inspector Ian had a run in with way back”.

The conversation clearly made Ian AND Jenny feel uncomfortable.

When Kevin went for a beer at the pub, Martin was livid to see him there – and the pair ended up fighting.

Martin called Kevin “one of the [bleeps] who did this to me” and called him a “turncoat”.

What did the Met policeman do to the striking rioters?

Later in an angry conversation between Ian and Kevin, Kevin told him: “I wanted to stay here.

“You took that away from me.

“Everything that happened to me, I can trace back to you.”

Did Ian report Kevin and ruin his career?

We’re bursting with suspence!

Who is the spy cop living in Ashfield?

We know there is a former spy cop living in Ashfield, who didn’t leave.

Instead they stayed in the village, under a fake identity.

So who is the “great pretender, pretending to be someone they are not”?

And why did they stay? Was it for love? Or for hate?

Ian St Clair and Kevin Salisbury in Sherwood
There’s some serious beef between Ian St Clair and Kevin Salisbury in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

Sherwood episode 3 on BBC One: Who is Robbie Platt?

In the third instalment of Sherwood on BBC One, the name Robbie Platt became significant.

Scott Rowley returned to Ashfield and took up residence in Gary Jackson’s house (having known where they hid their key).

He helped himself to some of their supplies, before leaving the name of Robbie Platt on their screen.

The name obviously rang a bell with Gary’s wife Julie, as she ran upstairs to check Gary’s notebook.

Sure enough, there was the name Robbie Platt.

Is Robbie Platt the name of the secret spy cop hiding in the village?

If not, who is he?

Will police catch Andy Fisher?

At the end of Sherwood episode 3 on BBC One, Andy Fisher did a runner.

Realising that the police were on his tail, he abandoned his car in the middle of the road – with his bewildered son inside it – and ran for the woods.

We can only assume that Andy (Adeel Akhtar in the cast) will hide out in the woods, like Scott Rowley is.

Only Andy doesn’t have a stash of cash, a bow and arrow or a tent.

Will police eventually catch Andy Fisher and Scott Rowley?

Sherwood continues on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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