Sherwood episode 6 ending explained

Sherwood episode 6 ending explained

Sherwood episode 6 ending explained

Sherwood has come to a heartbreaking and dramatic conclusion with episode 6 and, frankly, we’re devastated – here’s the ending explained.

The so-so-good BBC One drama tied up (nearly) all the loose ends, left us sobbing, and revealed the REAL reason Scott Rowley went on his murderous rampage.

And it wasn’t why we thought…

Here’s what happened in Sherwood episode 6 on Tuesday night (June 28 2022) as the ending is explained.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 6 of Sherwood on BBC One ahead***

Sherwood episode 6 ending explained: DCS Ian St Clair finally arrested murderer Scott Rowley (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode 6 ending explained: Why did Scott Rowley kill Gary Jackson?

In episode 6 of Sherwood, viewers finally discovered WHY Scott Rowley murdered Gary Jackson.

Mickey Sparrow found fugitive Scott sleeping in his garage, and alerted the cops.

A high speed (ish) chase took place, with Mickey following Scott on his motorbike, followed by DCS Ian St Clair and DI Salisbury.

Luckily, with the help of the community, Scott was apprehended.

In fact, not by just any members of the village – warring striker Leonard Gibson teamed with ‘scab’ Dean Simmonds to grapple Scott to the ground once he’d fallen off his motorbike.

And if that wasn’t a double happy ending, we don’t know what is.

During police questioning, Scott revealed that the murder of Gary Jackson had nothing to do with the spy cop living in the village, or even the strike at all.

Nope, Scott just really didn’t like Gary.

Scott, facing jail term for benefit fraud – a crime he wasn’t aware he’d committed – was angry at the world.

Unable to walk proud with a criminal conviction around his neck, and a painful childhood, he’d grown to resent Gary Jackson for his ever-confident persona.

After that, Scott just went on a rampage, knowing his future was over anyway.

He targeted possible spy cops or those related to the miners’ strike purely to confuse the police force.

What’s the point of exposing the spy cop Daphne Sparrow now?

In episode 6 of Sherwood, DCS St Clair discovered that Daphne Sparrow was the spy cop who had been living under a false identity in Ashfield.

But he didn’t want to expose her to the villagers or the police.

In fact, he had sympathy for her.

After all, hadn’t they all made stupid mistakes in 1984 that affected people’s lives for the worse?

What would be the point in exposing her now and possibly ruining her life?

And what did she really do wrong?

Daphne did the job the government and police force gave her to do.

Yes, she and Kevin Salisbury inadvertently sparked the events that led to a fire (as explained in episode 5).

But it was hardly their fault.

DCS finally did the right thing by concealing Daphne’s secret.

Of course, Julie Jackson had already guessed, having sussed out some of Daphne’s lies about her upbringing.

The Sparrow family in Sherwood
The Sparrow family in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode 6 ending explained: Heartbreaking moments revealed

The finale of the excellent BBC drama had its fair share of sob-filled moments.

DCS Ian St Clair’s attempts to reunite the village may not have ended exactly as planned – after all, this is 30 years of animosity we’re talking about here – but we witnessed several heartfelt speeches.

Not least from the sublime Lesley Manville as Julie Jackson.

We also saw Ian and his brother Martin in the same room for the first time.

At the end of episode 6, Ian paid his brother a visit, and we’re not ashamed to say we had something in our eye at the time.

Scenes between estranged sisters Julie and Cathy were also gut-wrenchingly emotional.

But our favourite relationship in the series must surely be between Ian and Kevin.

The pair finally arrived at a mutual respect for each other, 30 years after they’d first met.

In fact, we’d go so far as to call them friends.

And it’s the best bromance we’ve seen on TV for possibly ever.

Sherwood cast all need awards

Every single actor in the cast of Sherwood deserves an award.

That. Is. All.

Just. Wow.

Brothers Ian and Martin St Clair in Sherwood
Brothers Ian and Martin St Clair reunited in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

Sherwood episode 6 ending explained on BBC One – the tribute

In the closing seconds of Sherwood, viewers saw Rory Sparrow turn up with a spade on the outskirts of the woods.

At the same time, Dean ‘Deano’ Simmonds also set off for the woods with a spade in his hand.

No, they weren’t going to bury a dead body in the forest (although it wouldn’t be out of character for the series).

A radio voiceover told us that there were “tens of thousands of pounds buried in Nottingham Forest” thanks to Scott Rowley.

Of course, Rory and Deano were both hoping they’d be the ones to dig it up and get rich quick.

As the former enemies shared a knowing smile, it seemed a poignant and fitting end to a series wrought with emotions, tension and bad blood.

Tribute to Keith ‘Froggy’ Frogson

Just before the end credits, a tribute appeared on screen.

It read: “In loving memory of Keith ‘Froggy’ Frogson.

“5th July 1942 – 19th July 2004.”

This is in honour of the ex-miner killed in the real life crime that inspired the BBC series.

Perry Fitzpatrick as Rory Sparrow in Sherwood
Perry Fitzpatrick as Rory Sparrow in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

Will there be a season 2 of Sherwood?

Sadly, there are no plans for a season 2 of Sherwood.

Creator James Graham wrote the series as a one-off story, based on real events.

Although we could watch the cast all day long and would love to follow each character on their onward journey, sometimes a series is just perfect as it is.

Having said that, though, we’d pay good money to see a detective series teaming up DCS Ian St Clair and DI Kevin Salisbury again!

Sherwood season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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