Steve and Nancy smiling in Stranger Things

why Steve and Nancy shouldn’t get back together

why Steve and Nancy shouldn’t get back together

Ever since the gang reunited to defeat Vecna in Stranger Things season 4, sparks have started to fly between old flames, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler.

In season 4, Nancy’s relationship with Jonathan is on the rocks and Steve is having a hard time finding Mrs Right, which makes the perfect set-up for the pair to get back together.

But are Steve and Nancy truly meant to be? Noooooo.

Here are four reasons why Nancy and Steve’s relationship should be left in the past.

Nancy and Jonathan’s love started blossom in season 2 (Credit: Netflix)

1. Nancy and Jonathan are soulmates

Stranger Things fans have been invested in Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship since season 2 and we’re are not ready for it to be the end of the road for these two!

Bonded for life by trauma, the pair will always hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

Their relationship started out as a slow burn, full of tension as they investigated the disappearances of Jonathan’s brother Will and Nancy’s friend Barb together.

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Eventually, the pair couldn’t deny their feelings any longer and they spent the night together at Murray’s.

Unfortunately, after the Byers moved to California in season 4, Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship has faced a lot of turmoil.

Jonathan explained that he doesn’t want to go to the same college as Nancy, but he also doesn’t want her to give up her dreams to be with him.

However, fans still have hope for their favourite couple!

One viewer tweeted: “#StrangerThings Jonathan and Nancy deserve their happy ending!”

2. Steve didn’t treat Nancy right when they were together

Although Steve Harrington has grown a lot since season 1, it’s hard to forget how he treated Nancy when they were first together.

The pair started dating in season 1, when Steve was in senior year and the king of his high school.

He was the popular athlete who everyone looked up to and who Nancy was hopelessly in love with.

But in episode 6, we suddenly saw Steve at his worst.

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Believing Nancy to be romantically involved with Jonathan Byers, the jock and his friends retaliated by writing “Nancy the [bleep] Wheeler” in spray paint for everyone in Hawkins to see.

When Nancy confronted him, Steve was far from apologetic, telling her to “go to hell”.

Steve eventually realised the error of his ways and rekindled his relationship with Nancy.

However, it shouldn’t justify how he humiliated her!

Nancy and Steve staring at each other in Stranger Things
Nancy and Steve have grown apart since they were together (Credit: Netflix)

3. Steve and Nancy have grown apart

Although Steve and Nancy may seem like a good match, it’s quite clear that the two are on very different paths.

After Nancy brutally told Steve she didn’t love him in season 2, Steve was humbled and he started to grow beyond just being an arrogant jock.

He also gained the role as the ‘babysitter’ of the gang and formed a deep connection with Dustin.

Meanwhile, Nancy has matured and discovered a career path in journalism.

So perhaps their break-up was actually the best thing to happen to them!

4. Nancy Wheeler is not a prize to be won

Throughout the entire series 4 of Stranger Things Steve has been pining over Nancy, the one who got away.

Now, Steve’s countless acts of heroism seem to be on full display in, as it becomes obvious that he still cares for her.

But Nancy is not a prize to be won!

Nancy is someone Steve should’ve long since got over and, frankly, she deserves a lot better.

Nancy is destined for bigger and greater things outside of Hawkins and she needs to discover what it’s like to stand on her own.

She doesn’t need a man to be a compelling character and she definitely doesn’t need to get back with her ex!

Many fans would also like to see Nancy more independent.

One fan tweeted: “Ultimately, Nancy has outgrown Hawkins and honestly Jonathan and Steve too.

“She’s an ambitious young woman, she’s going to a good college. Her drive and passion are at a totally different pace to Jonathan and Steve.”

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