Strictly 2022 star Kaye Adams beams widely

Is Strictly star Kaye Adams married? Does she have children?

Is Strictly star Kaye Adams married? Does she have children?

Strictly 2022 will feature Kaye Adams as one of the series’ celebrity contestants.

The Scottish TV personality and journalist is the oldest star among the famous faces in this year’s Strictly line-up.

She’s also the least favoured with the bookies to win the BBC series, alongside ex footballer Tony Adams. They are both the ultimate outsiders to storm the Strictly scoreboard, priced at 33/1.

But even though oddsmakers might be writing Kaye’s chances off, she’s determined to make the most of her time on the show.

Read on for more answers to the questions people are asking the internet about when it comes to Kaye Adams…

Telly fave Kaye Adams is part of Strictly Come Dancing 2022 (Credit: BBC)

Is Kaye Adams married? Does she have a partner or husband?

Loose Women host Kaye Adams is not married – but she has been in a relationship with long-term partner Ian Campbell for 26 years. They live in Glasgow.

They met when he was her tennis coach. Ian still does the same job now.

Does Kaye Adams have children or a daughter?

The couple share two daughters together. Charly is 20 and was born in June 2002. Her younger sister Bonnie was born in 2007.

Kaye has previously indicated that marriage was not much of a concern for her and Ian when they were younger.

She reportedly told the Mirror in 2016: “When we first met Ian was in his late 20s working as a tennis coach, spending half his life in Italy and half in Scotland. He was not a man going to settle down.

“He’s an unconventional person and I didn’t have any great thoughts of settling down at that stage either.”

Strictly 2022 star Kaye Adam looks unimpressed
Kaye Adam is a mum of two daughters (Credit: YouTube)

Kaye Adams on taking part in Strictly Come Dancing

In a recent article for the Daily Mail, Kaye has already cast herself as being in the “older lady category” of contestants.

And when her involvement was announced, she also hinted timing was a factor in her being part of Strictly.

Kaye said: “I said I wanted to make the last year of my fifties memorable and I can’t think of a better way of doing it than showing the world my two left feet. Pray for me!”

However, when speaking to the Mirror, Kaye also expressed a wish for her pro partner to be gay.

That’s because she reckons she would feel “embarrassed for” a straight partner.

Kay reasoned: “A young, hot heterosexual will be like he’s dancing with his mum. But if I got a nice gay guy, he’ll be fine with dancing with his mum.”

I’m worried it’s going to look tragic, a woman of my age.

Indeed, the How To Be 60 podcaster admitted to the tabloid: “I’m worried it’s going to look tragic, a woman of my age – the whole thing, trying to appear dancey when you’re older.”

But nonetheless, Kaye added there would be “absolutely no shame” if she was the first to be voted off the dance floor.

How old is Kaye Adams? What is her age?

Bearing in mind how concerned Kaye seems to be regarding her age and Strictly, it seems very pertinent to make it clear she is only 59.

That means Kaye is approaching a big birthday this year. She turns 60 in December.

Kaye was born in December 1962 in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, in Scotland. She later obtained her MA in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

However, on the matter of age, Kaye recently opened up about fibbing about how old she was to her daughter Charly for years.

She decided to come clean when Charly was 10, hoping her being a decade older than her daughter thought might be regarded in future as a family in joke.

But the revelation didn’t go down quite as Kaye envisaged.

Kaye recalled: “Watching my little girl’s face fall into shock and confusion as I dropped into our chat what I thought was an insignificant, if not comic confession – not to mention the resulting wave of shame and anger I rapidly felt with myself.

“It breaks my heart to know that such was her trust in me that she convinced herself the internet was wrong.”

Strictly 2022 contestant Kaye Adams with Loose Women stars
Kaye’s association with Loose Women goes back over two decades (Credit:

Why is Kaye Adams famous?

Broadcaster Kaye is probably best known to viewers as a host on Loose Women.

She also presents the morning show on BBC Radio Scotland.

Kaye started her journalism career in news and presented STV’s nightly news programme Scotland Today.

She then went on to present three series of Central Weekend Live with Nicky Campbell and John Stapleton

Other shows she has appeared on include The People Versus, Have I Got News for You, and The Wright Stuff.

She’s turned up in House of Games and played University Challenge for Children in Need.

Kaye also participated in the 2008 series of Celebrity MasterChef (won by Liz McClarnon) and paired up with Nadia Sawalha for The Celebrity Circle.

Strictly 2022 star Kaye Adam makes her point
She first joined Loose Women in 1999 (Credit: YouTube)

Kaye Adams on Loose Women

Kaye first joined LW in 1999, anchoring the show until 2006 when she went on maternity leave.

She returned to the ITV series in November 2013, and has remained as one of the hosts in rotation ever since.

However, at time during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaye appeared as panelist, rather than the host, when she broadcast remotely from her home.

Strictly 2022 contestant Kaye Adams with Loose Women stars
Working the red carpet with some of her Loose Women co-stars (Credit:

Why did Kaye Adam and Nadia Sawalha ‘fall out’?

Kaye and Nadia were Loose Women’s first two hosts when it launched. They also shared a flat in Manchester, where LW was filmed at the time.

Unfortunately, it was reported that they ‘couldn’t stand one another’ when they first met.

However, once they worked together, they ended up the best of friends.

They’ve also gone on to work on other projects with one another.

These include daytime chat show Sunday Scoop in 2013, and their 2018 cookery book called Nadia & Kaye: Disaster Chef.

But they did have a spell when they weren’t as close, when Loose Women production relocated to London. Kaye has previously admitted she felt frozen out by Nadia.

“It’s mad to [talk about it] because we’ve never actually discussed it,” she said during a July 2016 episode of LW.

“I think we tacitly agreed to put it to one side. I was really hurt, it was really difficult, but it’s like I was saying about friendships: you have to be able to stand back.”

Around the same time, Nadia reflected: “It’s so bad, but it was all about me. I started to get insecure about whether I was enough as a friend.”

Happily they’re now pals again.

Strictly 2022 star Kaye Adams takes part in a Children in Need University Challenge special
She took part in a Children in Need University Challenge special in 2021 (Credit: BBC)

Is Kaye Adams related to Victoria Derbyshire?

Apparently there are enough people out there wondering about this and typing this enquiry into Google that it seems to be gathering a bit of virtual steam.

The answer, however, is no.

Are Jayde Adams and Kaye Adams related?

No, the ladies aren’t related.

Neither is she related to footballer Tony Adams, who’s also taking part this year!

What is Kaye Adams’ net worth?

According to Idol Net Worth, Kaye is reportedly sitting on a pretty penny.

It’s claimed she’s worth around £1.3m.

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