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Will the show return and when?

Will the show return and when?

As spin-off Ralph & Katie begins on BBC One this week, you might be wondering if The A Word will return for series 4.

Series 3 of The A Word aired back in 2020 and, understandably, fans want more.

Here’s what we know about another series.

Do you want another series of The A Word? (Credit: BBC)

Will The A Word return for series 4?

BBC has not yet confirmed if the show will return for a fourth series.

When we last saw the characters in The A Word, Rebecca had just given birth with the help of her brother Joe.

Maurice (Christopher Eccleston) had also just proposed to Louise – finally! – at the end of the series.

The actor previously shared with the RadioTimes that he’d be up for continuing the show for another series.

He said: “I really hope that we do a fourth and a fifth and a sixth.

“I think there’s an appetite for it, clearly, with the audience, and if you look on Twitter.

“As with everything in television it depends on ratings and decisions at an executive level.”

The cast of The A Word stand on a beach as they all smile into the camera
Viewers grew to love the cast of The A Word (Credit: BBC)

The A Word series 4: Why we need another series…

Series 3 ended with so many unanswered questions!

Ben spoke to Alison about their relationship, but the two decided they didn’t see a future together.

Meanwhile, Paul’s girlfriend Sarah also ended things between them.

With both of them single again, the series ended with the possibility of Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Alison (Morven Christie) getting back together.

Meanwhile, although viewers did not see Louise accept Maurice’s proposal, we last saw Louise with a ring on her finger.

We’d love to see the couple get married in The A Word series 4.

Fans also want to see Rebecca’s life as a single mum and more of Joe’s experiences at his school in Manchester.

The show had only just introduced Joe’s new friend, Mark, played by autistic actor Travis Smith.

Series 4 could explore their friendship – we’d love that!

Morven Christie as Alison, Max Vento as Joe and Christopher Eccleston as Maurice in the a word, they stand outside in a park as they walk together, smiling
BBC still hasn’t confirmed if the show will return for a fourth series… (Credit: BBC)

When will the fourth series air?

The last series of the show aired in 2020, before the spin-off show Ralph & Katie was announced this year.

So, if the show DOES return for a fourth series, we’d expect an announcement soon!

Watch this space.

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Fans want another series!

Fans are begging for the show to return to answer all the questions left hanging.

The show ended with Paul and Alison breaking up with their respective partners, but will they end up together?

We need a series 4 to finally see them together again!

This fan shares: “I love this drama, all the actors are so authentic and believable plus the script is mind-blowing.

“I really hope there is a series 4. #TheAWord.”

Another fan demanded: “Series 4 of #TheAWord, PLEASE!” 

Series 1-3 of The A Word are available on BBC iPlayer.

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