Michelle De Swarte looks terrified of a murderous infant in The Baby

The Baby on Sky: That shocking ending explained

The Baby on Sky: That shocking ending explained

The Baby on Sky is TV’s latest must-binge show – so you may well already to waiting to have the ending explained!

The series sees Natasha, a 38-year-old single woman who finds herself stuck with a murderous baby with extremely obsessive behaviour.

But what does the The Baby’s unexpected ending mean and is the baby still alive?

Here’s what we know.


Natasha decides to give the baby her full attention (Credit: Sky Max)

Natasha in The Baby gives the infant what it wants

In episode 8, Natasha decides that instead of fighting against the baby, she is going to finally give him what he wants.

Unconditional love.

Natasha fully embraces the role of being the baby’s mother and re-constructs her life to fulfil his needs.

Everything in her life suddenly revolves around him!

However, this means that the baby has complete control over Natasha.

When she takes him to a check-up appointment, Natasha refuses to leave the baby alone with the nurse

But the nurse warns Natasha that she’s going to give the baby ‘attachment issues’ and picks up the tot anyway.

Of course, it doesn’t end well for the nurse after that.

Although we don’t actually see what happens, we see a group of panicked doctors frantically rushing to the nurse’s aid.


After almost killing her dad, Bobbi and Mrs. Eaves, Natasha decides to finally put an end to the baby’s torment (Credit: Sky Max)

Was Natasha able to kill the baby?

Towards the end of the final, Natasha is complete brain-washed by the sadistic infant, to the point where she attacks her own father for holding her child.

When Bobbi visits Natasha’s house, she finds her father lying wounded and almost unconscious in the bedroom.

The baby learns what Bobbi is trying to do and Natasha tells Bobbi to run for her life, knowing full well what’s about to happen next.

But Bobbi isn’t able to escape.

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After hearing the commotion happening inside the house, Mrs Eaves goes inside and finds Bobbi trapped in a cupboard.

Natasha, once again possessed by the little one, finds Mrs Eaves and stabs her.

But before she does anything else, Natasha suddenly realises what she’s done and drops the knife.

In a panic, she takes the murderous baby away, while Bobbi and an injured Mrs Eaves follow her.

Driving in the car she tells him: “You’re a parasite, and you suck people dry.”

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Bobbi eventually finds Natasha on the edge of the cliff with the baby, ready to jump.

When she tries to to calm her down, Natasha questions her own existence and tells Bobbi that she doesn’t know the purpose of her life.

Suddenly, a limping Mrs. Eaves arrives at the scene and asks to hold the infant.

Then, without giving anybody a chance to react, she jumps from the cliff with the baby.

Natasha jumps in to save Mrs. Eaves from drowning, leaving the newborn to fall to the bottom of the ocean.

Their nightmare has finally ended!

A newborn baby smiling on The Baby
In the final moments of episode 8 we discover that the baby is still alive (Credit: Sky Max)

Is the baby still alive?

In the final moments of episode 8, we fast forward to the future.

Natasha, Bobbi and Mrs. Eaves are looking forward to the exciting possibilities that life finally has in store for them now that the baby is gone.

But although it looks as though the baby’s reign of terror is finally over, we soon find out that it is actually far from the case.

In the final moments of the series, we see the infant crawling out of the sea onto the beach.

The evil newborn has not died, it is very much still alive!

But what will the baby do next? Watch this space…

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