The Capture series 3 on BBC One: Will cyber-thriller return again?

The Capture series 3 on BBC One: Will cyber-thriller return again?

The Capture series 3 on BBC One: Will cyber-thriller return again?

The Capture series 2 comes to a dramatic conclusion this week, and many fans are demanding a series 3.

Scriptwriters have kept fans on their toes with another run of the thrilling cybercrime series, and there’s plenty more mileage for another run.

The second series of the BBC drama has followed up-and-coming MP Issac Turner, played by Paapa Essiedu, in his attempts to rise to the top of the ranks in politics.

Fans have been gripped, and are now hoping the show gets renewed for series 3 as tonight’s series two finale airs (Monday September 12 2022)

Here’s what we know about The Capture series 3 so far.

***Warning: spoilers from The Capture series 2 ahead***

The Capture’s second series has had us all gripped (Credit: BBC)

Will there be a series 3 of The Capture?

The BBC hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not there will be a series 3 of The Capture.

The series is written by Ben Denham, who shared with the BBC that he didn’t initially plan for a second series of the show.

He said: “I certainly didn’t know there would be a series 2, but we hoped there would be.

“I tried to write a story for series 1 that was self-contained but had the potential to go again.

“But, I didn’t want to presume and wanted to give the audience a complete story across the series – Sean’s story.

“I left the door ajar on Rachel Carey’s story and, by the time we’d finished editing series 1, we felt pretty confident that we would go again, so we leaned into the ambiguity of Rachel’s final moment at the end of episode 6.”

Ben then gave a clue on whether the show could be commissioned for a third series.

He revealed: “Hedging your bets about whether a drama will be recommissioned is no bad thing!

“I don’t want to leave things so open that they’re dissatisfying for the audience.”

Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carney, she looks up the camera in a black jacket, she's in a blue IT room with computers
We need to know who kidnapped Rachel! (Credit: BBC)

Why we need a third series of the show…

Well, until BBC confirms the show will continue for a series 3 we can only hope for a new series of the thriller!

The final episode of series 2 sees DCI Rachel Carey kidnapped.

And viewers will finally learn that her instincts were right all along – one of her colleagues can’t be trusted.

Will the finale answer who is behind Rachel’s kidnapping and will she be able to take down the person who has done this to her?

For Issac Turner, played by Paapa Essiedu, the finale will see Issac choose family over his desire for power.

Will he finally rise to power, or will he fall victim to cybercrime once again?

We want to see DCI Carey finally take charge in the Correction unit, and a third series could give her the chance to do so.

The Capture,2,Gemma Garland (LIA WILLIAMS), DCI Rachel Carey (HOLLIDAY GRAINGER) (right), they sit in a police room at a table in suits in the correction unit
Are you hoping for a third series? (Credit: BBC)

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The Capture series 3: Fans want another run!

We aren’t the only ones who want a third series!

Lots of fans are asking for the show to continue for another series, too.

This fan says: “Blown away by how good #TheCapture is, GLUED! Give us a season 3!”

Another viewer agrees: “#TheCapture is just the best drama. Please be a series 3.”

One fan adds: “Getting a petition signed so we can get a season 3.”

Let’s hope BBC renew the drama for a third series, as it’s clear the fans want it!

The Capture concludes its second series tonight, Monday September 12 at 9pm on BBC One. All episodes are available on iPlayer.

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