The Suspect ending explained

What happened in season finale?

What happened in season finale?

The Suspect came to an explosive climax this week, and it was every inch as dramatic as we’d hoped – so here’s our ending explained.

The series finale of the ITV series confirmed that Bobby Moran was indeed the man at the centre of the plot to ruin Joe O’Loughlin’s life.

And he had an accomplice much closer to home than Joe could ever have guessed!

We mean that quite literally, too… Bobby’s disturbed wingman had been under Joe’s nose all the time – the plumber!

Here’s The Suspect ending explained!

***Warning: spoilers from The Suspect episode 5 ahead***

The Suspect ending explained: Aidan Turner as Doctor Joe O’Loughlin (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect ending explained – who was the killer?

Bobby Moran was guilty of trying to frame Joe O’Loughlin for the murder of Catherine McCain.

It was part of a much bigger plot to punish everyone he blamed for his dad’s death.

But it wasn’t Bobby who committed the murders.

It was, in fact, his older brother.

In a shocking twist, Bobby’s brother was the plumber who seemed to have taken residence in the O’Loughlin house – a perfect cover for spying on the family, and eventually taking them hostage.

Bobby and DJ planned to kill Joe in an explosion meant to look like an accident – rigged up to the gas boiler.

Finally, the previously incompetent DI Ruiz realised Joe was innocent and started taking his claims about Bobby seriously.

And just in time to arrive at the O’Loughlin house with a bomb squad.

It was all too little too late though, as the bomb DID go off, taking Joe and Julianne’s beautiful house with it.

Luckily, Joe, Julianne and their child Charlie escaped with their lives, while Bobby was arrested.

Bobby’s brother DJ – Daffyd Jude – sacrificed himself in the blast meant to kill Joe.

Why did the Moran brothers want revenge?

Viewers know that Bobby’s dad was wrongly accused of sexually assaulting him by Bobby’s school, and subsequent psychiatric teams.

Labelled a paedophile, dad Larry couldn’t cope and took his own life in an explosion made to look like an accident.

However, in a sick twist, it was actually Bobby’s mum who was to blame.

She pimped out her sons and then blame her husband for the abuse.

Bobby blamed his teacher, the social services and the psychiatric team for wrongfully accusing his dad – and planned a detailed revenge plot.

Brother DJ, who had left home and in turn left younger brother Bobby alone with the paedophile ring, felt guilty for abandoning his brother and agreed to take part in the plan.

He killed multiple people, including the judge’s wife, social worker Rachel’s husband Boyd, and the teacher’s parents.

In an emotional showdown in The Suspect episode 5, DJ admitted he did the killings to pay penance for leaving his brother in the  clutches of their sick mum.

In a tense conversation, hostage Joe told DJ: “This isn’t about revenge, this is about forgiveness.

“You need Bobby to forgive you.

“You should have saved him.”

Ultimately, this is why DJ choose to die in the explosion – much like his dad Larry.

The bomb squad in The Suspect episode 5
Anybody notice former Emmerdale face Ian Kelsey (far right) as a bomb squad expert in The Suspect series finale? (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect ending explained: What the hell happened to Sian Clifford?

Sian Clifford starred as Fenwick in the ITV1 drama The Suspect.

But she didn’t even feature in the last episode.

Basically, the brilliant Fleabag star was TOTALLY wasted in this series.

Sian was used more as a prop for Joe to lean on, but the relationship felt underused.

Why cast one of the most popular actresses on TV as little more than an extra?

Having someone like Sian as such a minor character felt like a distraction.

We thought she’d pop up again, but she didn’t! Shame.

Will there be a second series?

ITV has not confirmed whether they’ll be a series 2 of The Suspect.

As viewers, we feel the story has been tied up.

With Bobby banged up, and DJ dead, the story feels resolved.

However, we liked Aidan Turner‘s role as Joe McLoughlin.

There’s plenty of potential for more series about other cases, and his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Shaun Parkes looking terrified of heights in The Suspect series finale
DI Ruiz (Shaun Parkes) finally started listening to Joe O’Loughlin’s theories (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect review: Is the series worth watching?

Admittedly, The Suspect was a bit silly in places.

But aren’t a lot of thrillers nowadays?

Our House and Angela Black were similar – totally preposterous in part, but we still enjoyed them.

The Suspect kept us entertained and guessing until the very end.

And the cast was impressive, including Camilla Beeput, Angela Griffin, and Adam James.

In fact, scriptwriters tried to make us think that Adam’s character Dr Gerald ‘Jack’ Owens was guilty for a while.

Like all good thrillers, there were plenty of twists and turns with a climatic ending.

We weren’t at all disappointed!

It was perfect Monday night viewing.

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The Suspect series 1 is currently available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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