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Is Jack the killer? 5 questions we have

Is Jack the killer? 5 questions we have

The Suspect episode 3 confirmed what many super-suspicious viewers had already guessed – that Joe’s mate Jack is all kinds of wrong.

In the latest instalment of the Aidan Turner drama (Monday September 12 2022), Dr Joe O’Loughlin’s so-called best mate turned out to be a not very good mate at all.

In fact, much worse than being a crappy friend, he might even be a murderer.

At this point, everything points to him being the killer of Catherine McCain.

But is it a huge Line of Duty-style red herring?

Here are the burning questions we have after watching episode 3 of The Suspect on ITV…

***Warning: spoilers from episode 3 of The Suspect ahead***

Aidan Turner plays Joe in The Suspect episode 3 (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect episode 3: Is Jack the killer?

Episode 3 of The Suspect threw up the most likely suspect yet – Joe’s university friend, best man, and colleague Dr Gerald ‘Jack’ Owens.

Many of you had already guessed that Jack could be the killer.

And now we have heaps of evidence that he’s behind Catherine’s murder and setting up Joe.

We know that Jack referred patient Bobby Moran – aka Bobby Morgan – to Joe.

And he’s always pretty evasive about where the referral came from.

We also know that Bobby is most probably being manipulated by someone…

Is Jack the master manipulator behind Catherine’s death and the attempt to set Joe up?

Joe tells his university pal Jack everything, which puts him in a unique position.

But WHY would Jack want to bring down Joe?

It has to be more than simple beard jealously.

Viewers learnt in The Suspect episode 3 that murder victim Catherine had a secret lover in London – Jack.

The closing scenes of the episode showed Julianne – pregnant with Joe’s child (we think?!) – getting pretty cosy with Jack.

It’s beginning to look like Jack is obsessed with Julianne AND Joe.

Anybody else deafened by alarm bells?

Who is Bobby Moran/Morgan’s older brother?

In the latest instalment of the ITV drama, we learnt that Bobby Moran is actually Bobby Morgan.

Bobby Morgan grew up in Liverpool and was a troubled kid.

There were allegations Bobby’s dad sexually assaulted his son.

Social services placed Bobby into care, and he was later returned to his mum.

Bobby’s dad was later killed in an industrial accident – thought to be suicide.

We also learnt that as a young psychologist, Joe saw Bobby and believed he was being abused by his dad.

So why did Bobby change his name, and why is he fixated on Joe?

Does he blame Joe for what happened to his dad?

Viewers now know that Bobby has an older brother, too…

Who is the brother and could he have been the abuser and NOT the dad, after all?

Aidan Turner reading case notes next to Sian Clifford
Aidan Turner as Joe, and Sian Clifford as Fenwick in The Suspect episode 3 (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect episode 3: If Joe was guilty, why would he be searching for answers?

In episode 3 of The Suspect, Joe was determined to untangle the web he’s caught up in.

He believes there’s a pattern to be found amongst all the coincidences and a breakthrough set him on a new path of investigation.

The trouble is, the more he investigates, the more guilty he looks in the eyes of detective Ruiz.

Who is the plumber in Joe and Julianne’s house?

Anybody who’s had a problem with their boiler recently (namely me) knows that getting a plumber these days is as hard as maintaining a blow-dry in a hurricane.

But not in The Suspect.

Julianne’s plumber seems to have moved in.

His presence brings to mind the Craig David song 7 Days – because he’s there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

Luckily for Julianne, played by former Fame Academy star Camilla Beeput, he was at the house when an intruder broke in.

Who is the plumber, what are his intentions, and will he ever fix their boiler?

Adam James as Jack in The Suspect
Adam James as Jack in The Suspect (Credit: ITV1)

The Suspect episode 3: What is Joe hiding?

In the words of Aidan Turner on This Morning recently (see link below), his character Joe is definitely hiding something.

We just don’t know what it is yet.

Viewers know that Joe cheated on his wife with sex worker and former client Cara on the night Catherine was killed.

But he left her apartment at midnight.

So where was Joe between midnight and 3am on the night of the murder?

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The Suspect is due to continue on Monday September 19 2022, but is subject to change as a result of the Queen’s funeral. Episodes 1-3 are available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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