The Suspect episode 4

5 burning questions we have after watching

5 burning questions we have after watching

The Suspect continued tonight with episode 4 – the penultimate instalment of the gripping ITV drama.

As the series hurtles towards its conclusion, Dr Joe O’Loughlin is getting closer to exposing Bobby Moran/Bobby Morgan/Robert Moran…

(Whatever name he is going by today).

As the bodies pile up, Joe must prove his innocence.

And we have 5 burning questions that need answering in the series finale of The Suspect next week (Monday September 26 2022).

***Warning: spoilers from episode 4 of The Suspect ahead***

The Suspect episode 4 saw Dr Joe visit his family and discover a shocking secret (Credit: ITV)

The Suspect episode 4: Who killed Cara?

The penultimate instalment of The Suspect added another dead body to the grisly pile.

Knowing that Cara was his only alibi from the night of the first murder (of Catherine McCain), Joe bolted to talk to her.

Only someone had already got to her first…

Joe found Cara’s dead body on the floor of her flat.

But who killed her and why?

Only the police and Joe’s family knew that Joe was with Cara on the night of Catherine’s murder – so how did the killer know what a crucial role she played?

Who knew that Cara was Joe’s only alibi?

Why are the police so keen to frame Joe?

Anybody else getting a bit annoyed with detective DI Vince Ruiz‘s bloody-mindedness about the case?

He is convinced Joe is the killer – and won’t even consider any other possibilities.

At first, we agreed with him… It looked like Joe was guilty.

But now we know he’s being framed by Bobby Moran.

Or at least we think he is!

Joe in The Suspect with his step-mum Ann looking anxious
Haydn Gwynne joned the cast of The Suspect episode 4 as Ann (Credit: ITV1)

Does Bobby plan to kill Joe? Or just set him up?

In episode 4 of The Suspect, Joe discovered that Bobby had been dangerously close to his loved ones.

Bobby had even LIVED with Joe’s dad Joseph (played by guest star Dermot Crowley) and his partner Ann (Haydn Gwynne) as an odd job man.

He’d even been attending Joe’s wife Julianne‘s Spanish classes.

Now we know he really is obsessed with Joe in a single white male way.

Joe – and viewers – discovered that Bobby blames Joe for his dad being labelled a paedophile and his subsequent suicide..

Joe signed the final report that went in front of the judge in court.

It appeared to be pure coincidence that Joe signed the report instead of his usual psychotherapist Erskine.

We found out that ALL of the psychologist team involved in the decision have suffered tragedy, including the teacher who referred Bobby to social services.

In a moment of terrifying realisation, Joe told his colleague Rachel: “I signed the report.

“Bobby blames me for cutting his dad out of his life.

“I condemned his dad for being a paedophile.

“I killed his dad.”

So is Bobby going to make Joe suffer by killing someone close to him? Or is he planning to set Joe up for life imprisonment?

He’s planned his revenge and is punishing those he holds responsible…

The Suspect episode 4: Was Bobby even abused?

In The Suspect episode 4, we learnt that Bobby has every reason to despise his mum.

It seems that she made Bobby lie about his dad Lenny and the abuse – just to get rid of him.

So was Bobby even abused? And, if so, by who?

He’s certainly a very damaged man.

And how brilliant is Bobby Schofield, who plays Bobby Moran?

Watch out for him again in the upcoming BBC series SAS: Rogue Heroes, where he’ll play Dave Kershaw.

DI Vince Ruiz and DS Riya Devi stand in corrider with arms crossed looking serious
Shaun Parkes as DI Vince Ruiz and Anjli Mohindra as DS Riya Devi in The Suspect (Credit: ITV1)

Is any of this connected to Joe’s mum?

We know that Joe’s mum died in a house fire when he was younger.

Viewers also learnt that he blames himself.

Ann said to him in episode 4: “Your dad never blamed you for not getting your mother out of that house.

“You were only a child.”

After Joe learnt the disturbing truth that Bobby had been living with Joe’s dad, he asked: “Did Bobby ask you questions about mum? About the date I go to the grave?”

Is there something in this, apart from the fact that Bobby knew when Joe went to the grave?

Or are we just getting paranoid and reading into everything!?

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The Suspect concludes on Monday September 26 2022 at 9pm on ITV1.

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