Clodagh McKenna being interviewed and inset of the Queen

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna blasted over Queen blunders

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna blasted over Queen blunders

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna detailed her “nerves” over her first meeting with the Queen while chatting to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield today (September 20).

Clodagh was on the show with her husband Harry Herbert.

The couple attended the funeral yesterday because Harry’s late father, the Earl of Carnarvon, was the monarch’s “best friend”.

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna and husband Harry recalled their memories of the Queen (Credit: ITV)

This Morning chef Clodagh attends monarch’s funeral

Clodagh and Harry detailed yesterday’s sombre occasion before sharing happier memories of the Queen.

Harry’s dad, who was given the title Lord Porchester, was the Queen‘s race horse trainer.

And, as a result, Harry grew up getting to know the Queen.

When Clodagh and Harry started dating, the chef got the chance to meet Her Majesty.

However, when she recalled the moment on This Morning today, Clodagh made a bit of an error – and it certainly made viewers’ ears prick up.

Clodagh’s royal blunder explained

The chef was explaining having to curtsy to the Queen.

However, she pronounced curtsy as courtesy – and the blunder was called out on social media.

Recalling her first meeting with the Queen, Clodagh said: “I only started getting nervous when we were driving down to Milford, Lady Carnarvon’s house, where the Queen used to come and stay.

“I remember walking in and [Harry’s sister] Carolyn said to me: ‘Do you know how to courtesy?’ And I said: ‘No, do I have to courtesy?’

“I was like oh my god she’s going to be here any minute so I quickly learnt to courtesy.”

Fans react to Clodagh’s ‘courtesy’

Fans immediately picked up on the mispronunciation.

“The word is curtsy,” said one.

Is Clodagh saying ‘curtsy’ wrong or have I been saying it wrong my whole entire life?

“It’s curtsy, not courtesy, Clodagh,” said another.

“Is Clodagh saying ‘curtsy’ wrong or have I been saying it wrong my whole entire life?” asked another.

“WTF! Clodagh it’s curtsy not courtesy!!” another said.

“We had to learn how to COURTESY Do you mean curtsy???!!” asked another.

“People mixing up ‘curtsy’ and ‘courtesy’ is one of my biggest pet peeves,” declared another.

The Queen's coffin at Westminster Abbey
Clodagh and Harry attended the Queen’s funeral (Credit: ITV)

This Morning chef defended over blunder

However, others had Clodagh’s back.

They pointed out that she is Irish and the word is “never used here”.

They tweeted: “She’s Irish and we don’t grovel before royalty.

“It’s not a word that would be ever used here.”

Close link to the Queen

Clodagh shared her close link to the Queen ahead of the monarch’s funeral.

Her late father-in-law – Lord Porchester – was a close personal friend of the Queen after they met when they were teenagers.

Clodagh uploaded a picture of Lord Porchester and the Queen to her Instagram.

She shared: “Hi everyone, I’m taking a wee break from social media in respect of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

“Pictured here with my late father-in-law Lord Porchester,” she added.

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