Holly Willoughby looking shocked on This Morning and Phillip Schofield smiling

Phillip Schofield prompts online ‘petition’ after format change

Phillip Schofield prompts online ‘petition’ after format change

This Morning host Phillip Schofield today prompted an online “petition” to be started after he jokingly refused to let Holly Willoughby take charge of Spin to Win.

As regular viewers will know, Phil spins the wheel and Holly spins the balls.

However, on today’s show (July 8), the lucky caller asked the presenting pair for a “massive favour”.

Holly looked shocked as she was asked to take over the wheel (Credit: ITV)

This Morning viewer calls for Spin to Win shake up

The caller picked the wheel over the balls, but she wanted to switch up the hosts and get Holly to spin it.

As an excited Holly wandered over to the wheel, Phil was seen jokingly accosting her and shoving her out of the way.

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“Who me? YES!” she declared.

“Absolutely no chance!” he declared.

“Oh please,” the caller insisted.

This is so exciting!

“It’s happening,” declared Holly, as she took her new spot at the wheel.

“This is so exciting,” she squealed as Phil laughed.

Phillip Schofield moves Holly out of the way
Phil was then seen jokingly shoving Holly out of the way of the wheel (Credit: ITV)

“It could be a good one,” he said, as the arrow landed on £1,000.

Holly then got to introduce the bag of schizzle – a job usually reserved for Phil.

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This also meant that Holly got to sample the bag of sweets.

“Good being on this side,” she declared.

Holly Willoughby spins the wheel on This Morning
Spinning the wheel is usually the job of This Morning host Phillip Schofield (Credit: ITV)

This Morning viewers start petition to oust Phillip Schofield from the wheel

And it seems This Morning viewers at home want the little shake up to be made permanent.

So much so that there was even talk of a petition being started on Twitter to oust Phil as chief wheel spinner.

Time to change the roles. Holly to spin the wheel from September,” said one.

Petition for Holly to spin the wheel and Phil to spin the balls when they return in September,” said another launching an online poll.

“Tap ‘I agree’ to sign or ‘I disagree’ if you don’t,” it added.

As we went to press, the poll was 87% in Holly’s favour, which we doubt will please Phil!

Others joked about how possessive Phil was of his wheel.

For a minute there I thought that Phil genuinely was going to stand in front of that wheel and refuse to let Holly have a spin!” said one.

Could that be the best Spin to Win ever?! That caller – thank you for getting @hollywills to spin the wheel. About [bleep]ing time too!” said another.

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