Alison Hammond, Deidre Sanders and Dermot O'Leary look sad on This Morning today

This Morning phone-in today leaves viewers divided

This Morning phone-in today leaves viewers divided

On This Morning today, a viewer called in with a family dilemma that left some viewers of the show stunned.

Some viewers even criticised the caller, who asked Deidre Sanders for some advice.

Alison and Dermot hosted a call-in today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

During today’s show, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary welcomed Deidre onto the show.

Together, they listened and gave advice as viewers phoned in with their problems.

One caller grabbed viewers’ attentions the most – and not for the right reasons.

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The caller, ‘Tom’, rang in because he wanted advice about whether he should go to holiday while his mum is poorly in hospital.

He explained that the whole family was meant to go on holiday to Portugal. However, with his mum now in hospital, he’s unsure whether or not to still go.

“It’s a big dilemma,” Alison said.

Deidre Sanders looking sad during This Morning phone-in today
Deidre gave her advice to ‘Tom’ (Credit: ITV)

Deidre was sympathetic to ‘Tom’s’ issue. “Yeah, I can imagine how torn you feel,” she said.

“In your heart of hearts, what do you think your mum would say?” she asked.

“I think she would probably say ‘you should go’,” the caller said. “I feel guilty saying that but I know if I stay here I’m just sort of treading water hoping that she’s going to come round.”

Alison replied saying: “I think your mum would want you to go and have a good time.” Deidre agreed with her.

“Either your mum is going to regain consciousness and then she’ll be glad of you having a good time,” she said.

“Or sadly, if she isn’t [awake], she isn’t going to know,” she continued. “So either way, I think you should go.”

Dermot and Alison looking towards camera during This Morning phone-in today
Dermot and Alison also gave advice (Credit: ITV)

This Morning caller

Alison, Dermot, and Deidre were sympathetic, however viewers of the show weren’t impressed by what they were hearing. Many took to Twitter to slam the caller for even considering going on holiday while his mum is ‘unconscious’ in hospital.

“How can he even think about swanning off on holiday while his mum is in a coma! I’m shocked he’s even thinking about going!” one viewer tweeted.

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“People are mad. If your mum is in a coma in hospital, there is no way I am going on a holiday. Holidays can come and go. Stay with your mum!” another said.

“How can he honestly go and have fun on holiday when his mum is in a coma? How about being there for your dad?” a third said.

However, others supported ‘Tom’ as one said: “Oh Tom, I can hear the guilt & worry in your voice but as a mother I know mums are always happiest when their children are “living” their best lives. Hope this helps.”

Another tweeted: “Tom sounds genuine. He sounds like he’s going to cry. Go on holiday Tom. You can’t all be there at the same time.”

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