Garry, Ben Shephard on Tipping Point

Tipping Point fans all have same complaint about game show

Tipping Point fans all have same complaint about game show

Tipping Point viewers all had the same complaint to make about the game show yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, September 20).

Fans of the show were not impressed with some of the mystery prizes up for grabs and took to Twitter to air their thoughts.

Tipping Point was on in its usual 4pm slot yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point?

Yesterday’s edition of Tipping Point saw three more contestants take on the machine.

Monika, Ben, and Garry went head to head in the hope of winning a big money prize.

Ben was the first contestant to be knocked out, meaning Garry and Monika went head to head.

After a tense round, Garry narrowly came out on top, winning just £100 more than Monika.

Heading into the final round, Garry began with £1,900 to play for.

In the end, Garry walked away with a hugely impressive £4,150. However, unfortunately, Garry failed to get the jackpot counter to drop, meaning he narrowly missed out on winning £10,000.

He still seemed pretty pleased with his winnings though, telling Ben Shephard that the the experience “brilliant”.

Mystery prize counter on Tipping Point
Garry won a mystery prize (Credit: ITV)

Mystery prizes on Tipping Point

As there always is on Tipping Point, there were a few mystery prizes up for grabs.

During the final round, Garry managed to pick up a mystery prize.

The prize in question was a cookery lesson with a professional chef, plus three months of “live streamed cook-a-longs”.

“Wonderful,” Garry remarked.

Later on in the round, Garry won yet another mystery prize.

This time it was a “cordless lawnmower”.

Garry looked considerably more impressed with this prize.

“Oh, excellent,” he said with a big grin.

Those were the only two mystery prizes Garry walked away with yesterday evening – as well as the £4,150 of course.

Garry on Tipping Point
Garry was pleased with his prizes. Viewers were less impressed (Credit: ITV)

Viewers make the same complaint about mystery prizes

Whilst Garry may have been happy with the mystery prizes that he won, viewers were less than impressed.

Many took to Twitter to make the same complaint about the mystery prizes on offer on the hit ITV show. In short, they thought they were “rubbish”.

“Another stunning mystery prize,” one viewer tweeted after Garry won the cookery lessons.

“Rubbish mystery prize,” another wrote.

“Cookery lesson. 2022 and the prizes are still [bleep]!” a third commented.

“[Bleep] mystery prize going straight on eBay klaxon!” another viewer wrote when Garry won the lawnmower.

Brings back #tippingpoint memories of being told, ‘if you win, say, a lawnmower, even if you live in a 14th floor flat in a high-rise, try to act delighted’,” a fifth tweeted.

Not everyone was so negative about the prizes though. “Cookery lesson, quality prize,” one viewer tweeted.

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Tipping Point airs on weekdays from 4pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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