Top 5 Steven Moffat shows ranked ahead of Inside Man...

Top 5 Steven Moffat shows ranked ahead of Inside Man…

Top 5 Steven Moffat shows ranked ahead of Inside Man…

Inside Man begins on BBC One this Monday, written by the incredible Steven Moffat.

Ahead of the new programme we’ve ranked the Top 5 Steven Moffat shows.

Steven Moffat has created and written for some great programmes, from dramas to science fiction shows.

Here are ED!’s Top 5 Steven Moffat shows ranked…

Do you agree that Sherlock is Steven Moffat’s best work? (Credit: BBC)

1. Sherlock

Sherlock has been ranked as one of the best shows of the 21st Century, and we’ve got to agree! The series has a total of nine Emmys and nine BAFTAs and it’s clear why.

Steven Moffat’s adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous character began in 2010, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as his assistant John Watson.

The show ran for four seasons growing a huge fan base, and featured some great writing, stunning cinematography and incredible acting performances.

Steven’s modernised Sherlock who used everything from mobile phones to nicotine patches and reinvented the tired Sherlock character.

Steven Moffat found a great balance of dry humour with some seriously dark drama throughout the show, while staying true to Arthur Conan Doyle’s books as a base for the series.

While the show ended in 2017, Steven Moffat and his co-writer Mark Gatiss have discussed a potential fifth series, but there hasn’t been a solid plan yet!

The Day of The Doctor episode reunited several of The Doctors… (Credit: BBC)

2. Doctor Who

While Steven Moffat obviously didn’t create Doctor Who, we couldn’t leave his work on the show out!

He served as show runner for the sci-fi programme from 2008 until 2017, and wrote several episodes of the show before then.

Steven Moffat saw the run of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whitaker as The Doctor.

Some of his best episodes from his run in the show include The Eleventh Hour which first introduced us to assistant Amy Pond.

Another one of his notable episodes is Blink which introduced the infamous Weeping Angel villains. The terrifying concept revolves around angels who kill you if you stop looking at them.

But The Day of The Doctor is definitely considered his best episode. The ultimate love letter to Doctor Who, the episode aired as a 5oth anniversary special and focused on the last day of the Time War.

As Steven Moffat’s friend and fellow writer Russell T. Davies returns as show runner for Ncuti Gatwa‘s stint on the show, we hope there might be some Steven Moffat-penned episodes in there!

The cast of Steven Moffat show Coupling in a BBC promotional shoot
Were you a fan of Coupling? (Credit: BBC)

3. Top 5 Steven Moffat Shows: Coupling

Coupling was a sitcom that Steven Moffat created in the early 2000s, based on the development of his relationship with television producer Sue Vertue.

Two of the characters in the show are even named after the couple.

Coupling focused on a group of six friends who are dating at different stages of their lives in their early 30s. It won the Best TV Comedy Award at the British Comedy Awards in 2003.

The show had some seriously funny moments and smart writing, usually based on men and women’s different interpretations of the same events.

The sitcom ran for three series and saw the start of careers for the likes of Ben Miles, Richard Coyle and Sarah Alexander.

James Nesbitt as Tom in Steven Moffat show Jekylll, he sits on a chair, wearing all black with a pained expression
James Nesbitt starred in Jekyll (Credit: Youtube/BBC)

4. Jekyll

Jekyll is another drama from Steven Moffat, adapted from the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. It focused on Tom Jackman, played by James Nesbitt, as the only living descendant Jekyll.

Similar to Sherlock, Steven Moffat modernised the original concept from the novel, bringing the story to 2007 London.

Steven made several smart nods to the original story which fans loved, while adding new details to the character.

James Nesbitt was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in Jekyll. While the series only ran for one season, it gained a cult fan base for its dark humour and witty writing.

An American remake of the show Dr Jekyll, is releasing as a film starring Eddie Izzard next year.

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Claes Bang as Dracula in Steven Moffat show Dracula, he smiles slightly looking into the camera in a red and black vampire outfit
What’s your favourite Steven Moffat show? (Credit: BBC)

5. Top 5 Steven Moffat shows: Dracula

In 2020, Steven Moffat took on the task of adapting another classic novel with Dracula.

While the show received some mixed reviews, Steven Moffat managed to reinvent a character which has been redone MANY times, and that’s no easy feat!

Steven Moffat’s dark humour was a big feature in the series, while blending in some darker horror moments.

Steven’s modernisation of Dracula saw everything from a bisexual vampire to a trip to Whitby beach.

The show featured a great performance from Claes Bang as Dracula and Dolly Wells as Agatha Van Helsing. Dolly is also starring in Inside Man.

Inside Man begins on Monday September 26 at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

So, what do you think Steven Moffat’s best show is? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think of this story.

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